Job Interview Outfit – Business Casual

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This time I’ll show you guys what I wore for a job interview to a department manager position. I don’t yet know who is getting the position but at least I looked stunning on my business casual style and it was fun to be interviewed. 🙂 I’ll let you know what happened when the decisions are made.

UPDATE: I didn’t get this one because there was plenty of great applicants, congratulations for the one who got the position! I keep going and I’m sure I’ll find some other great career step. 🙂

– jacket Zara Basic
– shirt Cristelle & Co.
– pants YourFace
– shoes Vagabond
– bag DKNY
– watch Apple Watch Sport

Hair, makeup, etc:
white coffin shaped nails (no more catwoman, I wanted to look professional)
– very neutral makeup base + hint of white eyeshadow
– Gucci Flora Magnificent Magnolia fragrance
– hair that’s straight from the top and Hollywood curls at roots – and of course blonde as always


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