The Little Black Bag

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Today is the first time I have a guest writing to! My quest is Adam King from Syracuse University. He’s studying fashion and wants to share some bag tips to you guys and girls I hope you enjoy! 🙂

You know what they say black is the new black! I’m one who doesn’t mind spending a little extra on a black bag because I know it will be in style for years to come! Here are my top picks:


Above: Kate Spade, Furla, Stella & Dot, Michael Kors, Betsey Johnson and Felix Rey

I currently have a lust for all things Kate Spade. I love the simplicity of the products and I cannot get enough of the office supplies! I’m enchanted by this Kate Spade wallet because it’s small enough to throw in your purse but it can easily transition into a clutch. Which brings me to the stripped Stella & Dot clutch. I love that they added a tan accent so this bag can really go with just about every outfit. For nights out I gravitate towards the Betsey Johnson crossbody, the gold chain and roses add an interesting focal point to the bag.

Onto the large everyday bags! Now I am split, I love the convenience and sturdiness of a crossbody but you can’t beat the look of a classic handbag. However, for traveling or going to the grocery store, I am crossbody all the way. The Michael Kors crossbody and so simple that it is perfect for those not so flashy outings.

For you mommy’s out there, this Felix Rey diaper bag is one you’ll actually love to carry. Sulaika Zarrouk and Lily Rafii, now Lily Band after marrying business consultant Doug Band, creatively designed their bags with a combination of a bold flirty and vintage looks.

The Furla bag is the ultimate everyday bag. It’s big enough to throw all of your essentials in but it isn’t overwhelming. Once again, I love the simplicity of this bag and the rounded top and if the price is a bit high for you, I know I’ve seen other brands make a bag with a similar shape.



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