The Last Day of the Year 2015

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NewYearEve909 kopio

Sleeping, blogging, workout and great time with my love one and friends was how I spent the last year of 2015. We stayed in Espoo until the night when we went to our friends place to celebrate the New Years Eve.

9-11am waking up, blogging

11am-noon breakfast

1-4pm chilling at home, blogging

NewYearEve765 kopio

4-5pm body combat

NewYearEve785 kopio

5pm jungle juice bars smoothies

NewYearEve780 kopio

5-6pm restaurant retro

6-7pm dressing up for the night and photoshoot for couple posts

NewYearEve885 kopio

7-7.30pm driving to friends place

7.30-11.30pm celebration time with friends

NewYearEve905 kopio

NewYearEve906 kopio

Midnight time for fireworks… I wish I would have stayed in the car watching instead of going out. We were watching wireworks and a piece of wireworks, shot by some random person, hit my face and exploded in front of my face and pieces of it burn / scratch me on both arms, my upper lip area, my left thumb and my hair. Ouch!

NewYearEve944 kopio

1-3am in er to get myself checked. Luckily everything should be alright in a week. They cleaned the burns and scratches and told me that they might look bad and be painful for couple  days but nothing worse happened. I hope you guys had more fun (and safe) New Years Night!

NewYearEve767 kopio


  1. i’m glad you will be ok. I was at fireworks a few years back and one zipped by about an inch from my face really scared me and made me mad. The guy that set it off no apologies or nothing.


    1. I feel you Donald! I was really scared when that happened. I felt something hit my face, then I saw it explode and I just panicked and went away from the area with some friends. There was tens of people playing with fireworks so I have no idea whose the one was. I think nobody but my friends noticed what had happened.


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