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Our Valentines Day: Hot Stone Massage and Dinner in the Dark Experience

Have you ever wanted to try a hot stone massage? How about dinner in the dark? If yes what would

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Hotel Review: Hotel Glo Art, Helsinki, Finland

On today’s review is: Hotel Glo Art, Helsinki, Finland where we stayed for 1 night during October 2016. I have given

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Food & Wine Expo and What’s up Update from Weekend

Another weekend full of cool stuff! This weekend started on Saturday with home made smoothies for breakfast. At the afternoon

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Luxurious Day Off in Finland

9am-5pm blogging, reading, long walk outdoors, sleeping a bit, enjoying the sun at our balcony and just relaxing 5-6pm enjoying smoothies

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Weekend Off 15th-17th Jan

Everyday life luxury: entire weekend off from Friday evening to Sunday. In addition my boyfriend had that time off too.

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Sunday Off / Dancing & Asian Food

I am super happy I am dancing again! During fall and winter I was too busy with my work and

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