NYC-Iceland-Finland with Iceland Air

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I had a flight back Finland via Iceland with Iceland Air. The flight from NYC to Iceland was about 8 hours and from there to Finland it took about 6 hours. I was surprised that they didn’t serve any meals in either of the flights. You got free water, juice, coffee and tea but if you want anything else you have to pay. And as always, buying food on board is not cheap. Fortunately they did very good job otherwise.

Everything was on time, they had very comfortable and personal planes. They had “northern lights” in plane. In one point I was wrapped in the most comfortable blanket I’ve ever had in a plane, listening to music and watching those northern lights. It was awesome. The fact that half of the plane was empty made it even better. I had 2-3 seats only for me. Quite luxurious. And all that cost me only $300 in economy class.

IcelandAirDreamerAchieverUSBchargeronboard  WaterIcelandAirDreamerAchiever IcelandAirDreamerAchieverNapkin

And by the way, my cheap economy ticket included 2 suitcases 50 pounds (23kg) each. How great is that? They had a lot of personnel in plane and they all were polite and willing to help. They also had comfortable bathrooms and a lot of little things that made me smile. Northern lights was the coolest thing but also cute phrases in tissues, blankets, etc. were great and so was the fact that they had usb-port for charging your devices. They also have touch screen for movies, map, tv, music, etc. The screen was not very sensitive so it was pretty hard to use but it worked well after you got your movie on.


I had about 1.5 hour flight transfer in Iceland. Unfortunately it was in the middle of night so I was unable to see Iceland too much. The airport was small and shops were not open 12-1.30 am when I was there. Some shops and café were open though. Buying food there was pretty interesting because all prices were in Iceland’s currency. My food cost like 1500 haha. Most expensive snack ever. Fortunately that was only like $12 (11€). For some reason their system didn’t accept any of my cards so I had to pay with 50usd bill. And now I have thousands of Iceland’s bills and some coins. I guess I’ll keep them as a souvenir. 😀

If you need cheap tickets from North America to Europe Iceland Air is definitely a good option in my opinion. I haven’t had very bad experiences with any other aircraft either but Iceland Air had so unique indecoration and service that I would like to fly with them again. 🙂


When I saw this beautiful sunrise I knew that I was back in Europe. I was flying from Iceland to Finland to stay there for nine months before my internship in UAE. I hope that I can land to States to stay there for the summer 2016 but I don’t know yet. At least I’m gonna have a holiday there. I listen to all the songs we sang together and I’m about to cry. I see all the photos of people working in Noah’s this summer knowing that I could have been there. I’m missing States more than you can imagine. Little moments speaking and writing English and listening my favorite country songs make me sometimes forget I’m in Finland but it’s not the same though. It’s not same to watch American comedies alone or to be the only one without Finnish rally English. I’m supposed to be at home in my home country but I feel alone and outsider sometimes. It’s same with States. Sometimes it feels home and another day I missed everything  from Finland. That’s the hardest part of living abroad for a while. You’re never same after that.

I love this country song even thought it made leaving a lot harder. “Living in a small town where it feels like home. I’ve got everything I need and nothing that I don’t”. Those words of Zac Brown’s song Homegrown made me think how much I actually enjoyed my life in small Midwestern towns. I really had all I need even without skyscrapers, shopping malls in five miles or thousands of hobbies.

I hope you enjoy the song and have a great Sunday! ❤

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