NYC Day6 (FRI) / Leaving New York

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7 wake up

7- where will I live? What bus? How much? … 😀 Doing nothing wise, trying to deal with fact of leaving and all the feelings included to it. I put a lot of eye makeup on. Just to make sure I cannot cry. That’s how girls do. And well, if their too sad that makeup makes them look more dramatic and they’ll get more support from others, right?

9.30 Leaving the keys on table. Walking around that beautiful Greenpoint apartment for the last time. Taking my both bagpacks with me. Opening the door. Closing the door. Having a silent moment and leaving.


-10 I walked to Nassau Avenue, one of the main streets of that area to find a cab. During first 10 minutes I saw only ones that already had customers in them. Then some random black man came to ask me if I need a taxi. “Do you have meter and accept credit cards?” I asked. Answer to both was no, then he left with regular car without taxi signs and with black windows. Like a minute after that I got a real taxi with meter and everything. It was $42+tip to JFK terminal 7 from which my flight left.

11 I had already dropped off my bags and gone trough security


11- I bought a Quest Bar and a bottle of water, found my gate and just sat down and wait. I was super tired because I hadn’t slept well because of all the travelling and horrible allergy symptoms I had (I’m allergic to pollen and some other dusts)

1.30 To the plane

2.10 Departure time


The final view to NYC, the city of yellow cabs, and the place where all the dreams can come true. The one and only Big Apple. ❤


I hope to see you soon NYC! ❤ Have a safe travels everyone, I hope you enjoy the city if you ever go there! 🙂

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