Life Update of Last Two Years: a Puppy, Books, Graduation and More! October 2021 Edition

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Oh wow. I just realized I haven’t posted anything since 2019 – that was time before the virus, when I was still studying medicine, traveling and living in Kuopio. I think it’s time to offer an update and hopefully also keep you updated a bit more often in future.

1. Studies

I graduated this year! Yes, I did, for real! After eight more or less long years, I am finally a medical doctor licensed here in Finland starting from last spring. I got 5/5 from my thesis and I’m super happy it’s finally over to be between two cities, traveling weekly and trying to get all those exams etc done. It felt it will take forever but I can finally say that’s all behind now. Many good memories but I would lie if I’d say those years were easy.

I’m still carrying to my MBA of management but thanks to covid it can be done mostly remotely which I’m super happy of. I am not going to hurry with this degree since I already have one degree and enough work to do. Anyhow, I enjoy learning new things and I believe this degree will help me to do more things I love in future.

Graduated to be a doctor yeah

2. Work

At the moment I’m working 80-100% weekdays as a doctor plus doing on call shifts during weekends. If you want to follow my busy life, I keep updating my instagram stories almost everyday, feel free to follow. My instagram is still the same (@dreamerachievernora) as always. 

I’m working as a general practitioner / family MD since in Finland everyone has to do so for nine months if they wish to get licensed in EU or to specialize here in Finland. Thus most of our new doctors start as a GP. Additionally, I do on call shifts as a GP and in psychiatric hospital too. I found these both interesting and since I’ve always been good with people and communicating psychiatry has been a good match for me. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll specialize on something or not, so far I’ve just been collecting new experiences and learning a lot everyday. As a GP you might have anything from heart attacks to wounds and depression coming to you so everyday is very different.

What comes to my business jobs I’m having a little break now. Starting to work as a doctor full-time and doing a business job simultaneously was quite a lot so I thought for now I’ll be just learning new things as a doctor and doing my own business. Anyhow, I hope I could combine business and medicine at some point in the future.

3. Own Business

What comes to my own business I have been continuing photography and content creating plus testing some new things. At the moment I sell my photos in multiple stock photography sites: Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Alamy, iStock / Getty Images, EyeEm and Dreamstime to mention the biggest ones. I have also done some photography gigs to other companies during past years.

As you might remember, I published my first book, the ebook about search engine optimization (SEO) few years ago. This book is still available in Amazon and I’m celebrating the book turning 3 years old this month, yeah! To celebrate this, the book is available for just 3.29usd* (*and equivalent in other currencies, regular price 5.49usd) for this month. If you need help with search engine optimization of your blog or website, or just want to learn the basics of SEO, check that one out! The book is Kindle ebook but it does not require the Kindle device to read it, you can just download the free Kindle app for your Apple or Android device to read it. 

Understand the SEO Basics and Get More Traffic to Your Website or Blog by Nora Tarvus ebook discount

In addition to that ebook, I have started to create some notebooks to Amazon platforms globally. So, if you need lined journals, empty journals, to do journals or other kinds of notebooks, check my notebooks from Amazon platforms globally! Click here to my Amazon US author central to see all the notebooks and books. All are available or coming soon available to other global Amazons as well.

Super Relaxing Mandala Coloring Book Volume 1 by Nora Tarvus lovely coloring book as a gift or for yourself

The newest addition to my books is the Super Relaxing Mandala Coloring Book Volume 1 by Nora Tarvus. This is my first coloring book targeted adults seeking for relaxing activities. Coloring is a lovely way to relax! Some also find that coloring while listening to lecture or audiobook can help them concentrate. Have you tried yet?

My art Instagram Art by Nora T

In addition to all the photography and books, I still do content for some companies websites and as a new thing I’ve also started to create paintings and I hope to get some sold too. If you’re into abstract art, you can see my pieces in Instagram (@artbynorat). At the moment I sell them to Finland only but if many of you are interested, I might start doing posters or something similar that could be sold internationally as well. 

I have plenty of product ideas related to my photography and art, I’m aiming to test new things in future related to these and also keep creating new content, books, etc. At the moment I have multiple other coloring book ideas plus my forever lasting smoothie book project going. I’ll try to remember to let you know when these are out. I have also been thinking to create videos or other content about being digital and creative entrepreneur plus making passive income. Anyhow, I’m pretty busy with work at the moment so it might take a while but I hope I’ll find that time at some point.

4. Other Things

Some other things I’ve been doing lately has been investing and playing with our dogs (yes, in plural!). I have bought another apartment that’s now rented but we will get it to our use later this year. We also bought second dog a year ago – now we have Ben the poodle plus Jerry the American Hairless Terrier in our family. They are a super funny and lovely duo. Jerry is a goofball always full of energy and Ben is the calm one. If you want to come follow the dogs check their Instagram (@theicecreamdoggos) for dog content. 

Instagram of the ice cream doggos Ben&Jerry insta famous dogs

What comes to travels the virus has basically canceled everything. During 2020 we got to go to Dubai for New Year’s and then Switzerland at March but since then we’ve just worked, studied and stayed in Finland. Weird times. I have no travel plans right now but I am already missing all the travels. In theory traveling back and forth from Finland is already possible but can be a bit complicated. Have you been able to travel lately?

I’m super curious if anyone is reading this blog anymore. Please leave a comment if you’re still here and share me your life updates! 


Nora / Dreamer Achiever

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