My New Blog Yummycado & Future Plans and History as a Blogger

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Hey guys! Some of you might have already spotted that I am now blogger in a brand new cooking & baking blog Yummycado. Below I’ll share my path as a blogger, what it has taught to me and some thoughts about the future. I hope you guys enjoy! ❤



My New Blog Yummycado & Future Plans as a Blogger



My Early Years as a Blogger


Näyttökuva 2018-12-13 kello 19.18.58

Above: My first food blog post ever, it is a sponge cake recipe and intro about my blog from the year 2008. I was in 8th grade back then and that photo is probably taken with some really old phone that not-so-good camera


I used to blog about food very enthusiastically between years 2008 and 2013. My blog was pretty popular back then. I was well networked and I was doing some cooperations with companies (which was very uncommon back then). I loved blogging and baking from the bottom of my heart. Since I found both they have been pretty big parts of my life.


Anyhow, I did a bad host choice and most of my photos and some other content where lost overnight. Basically they didn’t have any backups and because of some electricity issues in their server rooms all the bloggers lost a lot of content. I used two full work days to get things back on track. But just weeks after the incident everything was gone again because of the same thing happening again. Back then I decided to never ever blog again. I also stopped cooking and baking for a while.



Näyttökuva 2018-12-13 kello 19.24.35


Ps. In addition to that blog I also used to have an active rodent blog / website about my pets haha. I almost forgot while writing this that actually that one was my first since I started it in early 2007. Above a screenshot from that one. Oh boy, how much blogosphere has changed after that time.


My old blogs do still exist and I’m quite shocked that my rodent blog has over 300k visits. That banner up there is like the worst quality ever but for some reason people seem to read that one. Maybe there isn’t too many rodent blogs nowadays?



Beginning of Dreamer Achiever



Above: the old look of this blog from early 2016




Above: Dreamer Achiever’s look from early 2017 to present


One year after that tragic end of my first blog I started this one to share my experiences on living abroad to my friends and family. Over time this has been more than just a personal diary. Dreamer Achiever has become more of a inspirational platform to you guys as well and nowadays this blog is covering multiple topics like travel, lifestyle and wellness.


Lately you might have spotted more cakes and foods than during the early years. I know that they don’t really belong here but I just wanted to get those out of my pocket and share them with you guys. I have slowly started to find my passion for baking and cooking again.


In addition to the fact that I have done those recipes that don’t really belong to here I have been quite sad because this blog does not have as much traffic as I’ve been wishing for. I mean, last two years I have given a huge chunk of my time and heart to create some amazing content but this blog hasn’t grown very much. Yes, this has grown but my goal was to make this more successful than my first blog used to be and after trying for four years it’s still not there.


I still love this blog and sharing my life here but I think I have to start focusing more on just couple of niches. I think travel and lifestyle will probably be the ones. Let’s see. I’ll take some time during 2019 to focus more on my blogs and really figure out what’s the future of this one.


This blog has offered me a change to become and entrepreneur, make some money and learn plenty of new things. The blog however isn’t my job. I do content for companies and sell my photos online (feel free to contact me if interested in my services!), I also wrote an ebook about SEO to Kindle and Apple Books earlier this year and I’ve got another one on different topic coming. I have also built a huge audience to my Pinterest which has surprised even myself.



Future Plans


Näyttökuva 2018-12-13 kello 17.14.36


Näyttökuva 2018-12-13 kello 17.15.10

Above: Yummycado, my new bilingual baking & cooking blog


After learning and getting so much from this blog I could not stop doing this (I’m sure some of you thought I’m quitting but nope I’m not)! However, like mentioned before this blog will probably change a bit in near future. I’ll keep updating 1-4 times a week and I’ll also share parts of my life in Instagram.


In future, I’m planning to focus more on travel and lifestyle in here. Some wellness and style content might be included but 99% of my food and baking related content will be in Yummycado in future.


I’m aiming to use all I’ve learned with this and the previous blog to make Yummycado the most amazing, delicious and mouthwatering blog ever. I want to inspire some home cooks, share some of my stunning photos and of course have fun in the kitchen. If you like cooking, take a look to Yummycado and Yummycado’s Facebook page. I’ll be sharing my favorite founds from the web there and I’d love to discuss about your ideas and thoughts on cooking as well. 🙂


Ps. Many people have wished for Finnish content. Now you’ll be getting it since Yummycado is bilingual and every post is written in both English and Finnish!


xoxo Nora

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