How to Spend a Day Off Effectively 5+1 Tips?

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1. Do list things you need, check the best prices for them and by all at once

By doing this you don’t have to think about shopping things for a while. To make this one useful shop things like books for school, replacements for broken items or cosmetics that are about to run out. Maybe you also need a gift or card for someone? Shop all at once so you don’t have to panic shop overpriced stuff later!

2. Clean Up Your Room and Closets

I think this is a thing you cannot do too often! The worst thing ever is to be in hurry and not to find things you need. When you have day off you can invite a friend over, go through old stuff, organize and maybe donate some to a friend or charity.

3. Go Exercise

This is a great way to take care of yourself and get your thoughts away from busy work or study life. If you feel stressed go out for a long walk and let your mind rest. If you want to get a good calorie burn book a Zumba lesson or do some kettle bell training at home.

4. Do Something You’ve Always Wanted to Do

You can at first do a bucket list and blog it. Then start achieving your dreams day by day. Go try a new hobby, learn basics of photoshop, or start learning new language. Today is a good day to start!

5. Have Own Spa Day

Are you tired of all the work, exercise or studying? Do you have headache? Have you skipped your skincare routine in rush? Day of is a great day to get hot stone massage or new set of nails. Or if you want to go with budget do face  and hair masks at home, scrub your skin, polish your nails, do some relaxing exercises and flexibility training, take a hot bubble bath… and just relax and enjoy!

+1 For Blogger and Some Addicts: Brainstorm New Post Ideas, Do Photoshoot, Write and Update!

Sometimes it’s nice to have an entire day for blog and some! Brainstorming ideas is so much easier when you’re not in hurry! You can also really dig in others blogs and write good replies. You can also have a photoshoot under daylight or just chill at the couch and write and update! Now you have time to actually make your post ideas come true, enjoy it! 🙂

What are you’re favorite ways to spend a day off? Why?


    1. Hahaha well, kind of but I think I’m as nerdy then. I’ve actually done plenty of excels to plan my life, my budgets, my wedding… And maybe I should do one about my blog too. 😂 They are just great to visualize and combine all the lists.


  1. Wonderful tips! I think clean up my closet will be done in my next day off. I usually go to the city when the weather is pretty good and meet with my friends or just have some window and real shopping.

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  2. I usually visit my parents on my day off but I think that my wardrobe is needing a clear out so that’s what’s happening in my day off next week. These are good tips and I’m also someone that loves to write a to-do list 😊

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