Another Day in London: The Best Free City Tour

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This time I’ll share you my experience from free 6 hour walking tour in London and things we did in London that day. This post will be mostly about photos (and a video) because they tell more than words about that beautiful city. I hope you guys and girls enjoy! 🙂







Above: Photos from the first part of the tour

10-1 Tour from Green Park to Buckingham Palace and other palaces and finally to Big Ben. The guide we had was a really nice woman called Margaret. She new everything about London and it’s history. She also gave us some to do tips, tips for places to eat and offered us a great tour around London in general. The tour we had was completely free (of course we left tip but otherwise free) 6 hour tour that was in two parts 10am-1pm and from 2-5pm between those we had a lunch break.

At the beginning of the tour we also saw changing guards -ceremony located nearby Buckingham Palace. That’s what video above is about. You can also hear traditional British bagpipes music.

Lunch in a Mexican place called Lupita was a great success. It was a bit over 40€ (45$) but definitely worth it! We had two main courses, two sides, a coke and still water:


1. Enchiladas
– cheese perfection
– after eating this you won’t sure be hungry!
– tip: the second hottest sauce is super hot so don’t take the hottest if you’re not used to super hot food!

2. Alambre
– yummy! For a meat lover
– you can take this with or without cheese. I took without, please don’t copy my mistake! 🙂

1. Ensalada de Napolitos
– tasty and interesting

2. Ensalata Mixta
– spicy hot and fresh at the same time





Above: Photos from part two. Btw can you imagine that the building on left (stock exchange of London) is build 2002, they just wanted to make it old-looking.

2.30pm- Tour carries on, mostly churches and history of UK (and yes, I know none of my pics contains churches but I’m just not too into them. We went trough I think seven churches though)

It started to rain around 4.30pm so we took subway back to our hotel. It was quite handy that two of the main lines went really near to our hotel. We didn’t have to use taxi at all in London – so we had more money for fun things, yea! 🙂

Back to hotel via grocery store
Berries and snacks in hotel

Bath with my love + white wine and sound link mini ❤

Chilling and planning in the hotel

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