Dreamer Achiever

Day 1: Exploring beautiful Oslo, Norway

– We flew from Helsinki to Oslo with Norwegian, at the sunset time — – We took Oslo AirPort Express Train

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Officially on a Two Weeks Holiday!

Yesterday night was my last night at work for a while because for next two weeks I’ll be traveling to

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Day off / Part 2/2 Night

Read part 1/2 of my day of post from HERE (click) 5. Grocery and wine shopping in shopping mall Sello,

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Day off / The Best Day of September so Far Part 1/2 Day

1. Breakfast surprise The morning began with my surprise to my bf. I cooked us breakfast – bacon, fruits, nuts

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Sick: How to Make It More Fun or Even Useful?

… If you’re too tired to go to your couch, stay in bed and watch documentaries about camel polo in

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Wedding Weekend

Last weekend I was in Kerkkoo, Finland enjoying a very beautiful weddings. Everything was finished and smooth. The atmosphere was

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