Dreamer Achiever

Yacht Cruise around Manhattan – Some Luxury in New York City

The fourth morning in NYC began with sleeping almost until noon after long day of exploring the city, ballet, etc.

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Last Day in Miami Beach

Breakfast in Mayas like yesterday, their jumbo breakfast is just too great for a brunch. It includes a bit everything.

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Just Chilling in Miami Beach Area

Yesterday morning we slept long, returned Camaro to Avis and decided to spend a day without too much schedules. At

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Road trip to Key West & Enjoying American Cars and the Sun

We began our Wednesday in Miami by eating a breakfast out around 9am. We had booked a car for one

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Day 2: Exploring Miami Beach, FL, USA

I started my day by blogging for an hour. After that we went for a breakfast to a mexican restaurant

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Arriving to the Miami Beach

Flight from Oslo, Norway to Fort Laureldale (or Hollywood International airport as it’s also called) took 9.5 hours. I’ll publish

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