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#8 Quotes That Will Motivate You to Success

  It’s time to welcome a new month and boost your motivation. Have you done some ambitious work, study or

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Quote Challenge Day 3 / 3

— I found this quote from a fortune cookie in a Chinese restaurant while I was living in the States. Both

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Quote Challenge Day 2 / 3

— Are you great in photographing and networking but your mom sayis you should become a lawyer like your dad?

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Quote Challenge Day 1 / 3

I found an interesting and inspiring challenge from Tazzie Dee’s blog . The rules are really simple. You just have to

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Motivational Quote of a Monday

It’s a new Monday, beginning of a new week. Is it a beginning of new you? Beginning of something bigger?

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Go with the Flow and Make Your Summer Rock! / Motivational Quote to Monday

I have posted couple Quotes about success and how you should plan your life to make it better. That’s how

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