Dreamer Achiever

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets Day

Sunrise time in NYC – time to wake up to do some serious shopping. In the photo above you can

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From Miami to New York City

During this US trip we didn’t only want to see tourists areas in Miami but also explore the life in

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Parking in NYC / Armors to Protect Cars

Photo throwback from the US… 😀 In NYC there is never too much parking space. It’s surprising how much people

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Photo Throwback / Squirrels in NYC

I love photographing city squirrels in all cities I go. NYC has been my favorite squirrel shooting place so far

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Photo Throwback / NYC Panoramas

It’s too weird to think that it’s already a month since I moved back to Finland and left States and NYC

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NYC-Iceland-Finland with Iceland Air

I had a flight back Finland via Iceland with Iceland Air. The flight from NYC to Iceland was about 8

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