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Luxurious Stilettonails with Diamonds + Silver Toenails for August

Nails, nails, nails = pure love <3 A week ago I decided to update my nails to more luxurious ones.

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My Favorite Sunglasses from Prada

I have loved high quality sunglasses for years. I have had Ray Bans, Dolce&Gabbanas, Pradas, Coaches and many other brands.

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How Your Hair Color Affects Your Life? / Blonde vs Brunette

As you might know I’ve had multiple hair colors during my life. However I’ve been brunette most of my life.

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New Set of Eyelash Extensions

I’m happy that I’m in Kuopio at the moment. I was able to get my lashes done by my great

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Extreme Makeover / Photoshop, Makeup, Plastic Surgery & Reality

Is there real beauty nowadays? Do you actually have to be beautiful to look great in social media? Can we believe

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New 8.99 usd Jaguar Print Clutch & 4 Looks to Wear It

I promised myself not to shop too much during this spring because I shopped a lot in States last summer

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