Dreamer Achiever

The Real Neat Blog Award

It’s award time again! My blog got nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award by gorgeous Jasmin from Little Things

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2017 New Years Resolutions – Half Way There, How am I Doing?

We all made some New Years Resolutions about six months ago. Do you still remember what you promised? Have you

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May Wrap Up & Goals for June

May Wrap Up   This May has kept me busy with planning some big changes to my life and blog.

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April Wrap Up & Goals for May

April is a great month in northern half of the globe because it means beginning of the summer season (or

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How to Celebrate Your Birthday when You’re an Adult?

Should you celebrate Birthdays when you’re busy with your job and other adult stuff? If yes, how should you do

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Happy Easter Everyone!

It’s Easter again. Let’s relax, meet family and friends and enjoy all the food. For me Easter means beginning of

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