Dreamer Achiever

Goal: Hollywood Smile

In scale of Finland my teeth have always been quite fine. I’ve actually always had 2nd whitest tooth bone of

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Tuesday Feb 10th

After having a crazy busy Monday (Click here to read about Monday) I wanted to sleep and slow down as

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Midnight Motivation Music & Monday 9th

Oh wow, what a day! I’ve been on the go from 8am until 10pm and I’m still working on my

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Motivation to Monday

It’s 6 weeks from New Years Eve. Are you still on track what comes to exercising? Maybe you made a

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What is the Best Way to Travel Inside United States?

Here are your options for moving around: car, taxi, bus, train, subway, shuttles, train, plane. Below you can read little

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Exchange week 5: Badminton, Portraits and Girls Cooking Night

MONDAY: Lessons were cancelled at the morning because of the weather (that looked actually normal winter day for me). I

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