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Restaurant Review Dynasty, Wisconsin Dells

Yesterday me and my two friends visited a marvelous Chinese restaurant, Dynasty, next to Tommy Bartlett (easy to find and

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First working day passed

Today was my first real working day and it was so much fun. Okay, I were a bit lost and

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First 5 days in Dells

General stuff: –   superhot, I love this weather, it’s like 60-80 fahrenheit (like 15-35 celcius) everyday. Day time is hotter.

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How did I get my summer job in US?

I think I used the easiest way: program that sends Finnish students to US every summer. The program is SAYL’s

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What the Finns are going to do in Dells?

–   lifeguard (shallow ones and deep ones) –   retail sales /gift shop –   food sales /concessions –   park services /maintenance

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