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NYC Day4 (WED) / Shopping & Enjoying

I got some kind of flu so I woke about around 5am. I didn’t want to wake anyone up so

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NYC Day3 (TUE) / Friends, Korea Town Experiences and Photos

9 Woke up 10 Leaving, walking to Manhattan via Williamsburg Bridge 1 Meeting two Korean friends and mother of one

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NYC Day2 (MON) / Staten Island, Sephora, Surviving and Some Chinese

Left: Williamsburg Bridge, right: Brooklyn Bridge I woke up earlier than my travel buddy so I decided to walk around

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NYC Day 1 (SUN) / Arriving, Exploring Greenpoint, Finding New Shoes and Cooking

We arrived to NYC around noon. At first we had to find an ATM because my friend needed some cash.

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My Experience of Buffalo, NY, US

During our travel from Ada, OH to New York City, NY we had to stay nine hours in Buffalo, NY

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But First Let Me Share Some Selfies! / NYC

My experience in NYC was so awesome that I had no time to post there. I’m now back in Finland

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