Dreamer Achiever

Day 4 in Portugal / Scuba Diving for the First Time

The forth day in Portugal was really exciting and different. We woke up 8am, ate, backed our stuffed and drove

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Day 3 in Portugal / Exploring a Winery and Opidos

  The third day in Portugal was my favorite because of a visit to local winery and having a wine

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Day 2 in Portugal / Beach, Peniche and Low Prices

Our second day in Portugal started with breakfast in the house at 10.30am. Because we were quite tired of all

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Casually in Portugal Outfit

– Pants: Zara – Shirt: Marco Polo – Shoes: Puma – Bag: DKNY – Watch: Apple Watch Sport + cute

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Day 1 in Portugal / City of Sintra, Moorish Castle and the Most West Point of Europe

The beginning day of our trip to Portugal started quite early. We didn’t sleep at all because the flight left

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Upcoming Travels

    Hello my wonderful readers! I hope you have had an amazing June so far! Today I want to

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