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Drinkable Yoghurts from Deliciest Oy on Review

About a week ago Finnish family company, Deliciest Oy (Click to get into their website) offered me some of their

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Cheese Platter

It’s been a while since my last cheese plate. I love cheese even though I know they’re not too healthy

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22 Days Nutrition Organic Protein Bars

In NYC I found great variance of different vegan protein bars and I decided to try some I had never

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In Review: Cold Starbucks Coffees Including 100-120 Calories

I love lattes and flavored coffees but I don’t like the fact that they usually have tens of grams of

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Vegan Protein Bars in Review (Inbars & NuGoSlim)

This time I’m reviewing 100% vegan protein bars that I found from my University. All bars are paid with my

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In Review: Quest Bars

Quest Nutrition sent me 17 different flavored bars for a review. I tasted and evaluated them with five friends from

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