Dreamer Achiever

I Just Published My First Ebook!

Hello guys! This a very special day for me since I just got my first ebook ever published internationally. You

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Free I Love Me Fair 2018 giveaway + intro to the event

I Love Me Fair in Helsinki Free Ticket Giveaway and Introduction to the 2018 Event

Have you heard of I Love Me fair, the Northern Europe’s biggest health and beauty industry trade fair? This event

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September Wrap Up 2018

It’s crazy how fast the past month has gone by, it’s already time for the September Wrap Up 2018. The

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10 Best Ways to Study & Actually Learn What You’re Studying

Have you ever wondered what are the best ways to study and how to be efficient when studying? This post

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How I Manage My Job + Med School + Economic Studies + Blog + Own Company + Husband + Dog?

I work, run a business, study 2 university degrees in a university located in 200 miles (300km) from my work

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6 Hair Care Tips to Follow While Traveling

In today’s post Rohit is my guest again. This time his sharing tips for hair care while traveling. He has

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