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Self-Portraits for Photography Class Part 3 of 4 / Photoshopped

Sometimes I just love to go crazy with Photoshop and try new things. 🙂 These ones are the most extreme

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Fun Videos for Wednesday

As I told you before I’m at the moment volunteering in South Carolina but I made couple of scheduled posts to

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Funny YouTube Videos with Dance Theme!

In case some of you don’t know; I love dancing! And everyone loves fun videos, right? So, if you have

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Finland in Fun Youtube Videos

My friend show me very fun video about people trying to pronounce Finnish words. So I decided to share some

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Exchange Week 6 – Weird American Foods and Everyday Life

Photography course. I’m in love. Our first assignment was portrait. The deadline for this is next Monday so last weekend

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Super creative I’m three years old again Photoshop card 😀 Today is Valentine’s Day, Saturday 14th. The day after Friday 13th.

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