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TOP 5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for the Summertime

Today’s theme is inspiration & healthy living! Today is Monday which means beginning of the new week, new healthy and

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Spring Cake Inspiration – Stunning Cakes by YouTubers

Today is time for an inspiration post! I have found some amazing cake videos from YouTube lately and in this

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Wellness Wednesday 5/5: What I Ate Today? Example of a Healthy Day

Lately in my Wellness Wednesdays series I’ve discussed about 1) what I eat (almost) every day, 2) what lifestyle choices

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Restaurant Review: Musta Lammas, Kuopio, Finland

Are you looking for tasting real Finnish flavors with a fine dining twist? Restaurant Musta Lammas in Kuopio, Finland offers

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New York Cheesecake

Are you graving something delicious that would be easy to make and fresh and sweet at the same time? New

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Recipe: Healthy Pork Salad

Summer and salads are a perfect match. Salads are healthy, fast to make and they help you gain and maintain that

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