Dreamer Achiever

Tuesday Feb 10th

After having a crazy busy Monday (Click here to read about Monday) I wanted to sleep and slow down as

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Exchange week 5: Badminton, Portraits and Girls Cooking Night

MONDAY: Lessons were cancelled at the morning because of the weather (that looked actually normal winter day for me). I

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Weekend 3 in ONU

Studying, snow (noooo!), take away from the dining hall of university and problem called “How to Clean Your Pole Without

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Days 13 & 14 in States – two weeks gone, at least 12 left

Beautiful campus area today 🙂 Day 13: Second study day of my exchange At the morning I had two classes:

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United States day 11: day off

Yesterday was the first day in Ada when we don’t have orientation, classes or anything. I have been organizing and

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United States, day 8: 1st orientation day + exams like TOEFL

Now I actually feel myself an exchange student. I have student ID card and apartment where nothing is broken. Today

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