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Weird American Food Part 3

Couple times every weak I become surprised in grocery store, dining hall or somewhere else where is food. This time

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Weird American Foods Part 2

Is there anything that couldn’t be deep fried and do people really like those fatty things. I asked that in

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Weekend 13-15th of March in Ada, Ohio

At first. It’s less than two months and I’m in Helsinki, Finland. Oh my gosh. I don’t want to leave,

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Photos of Monday and Tuesday

I though I will not blog today because I’m quite busy at the moment with my studies. Next week will

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Valentine’s Day and Finnish Cooking in Ada, Ohio, US

This post includes recipes for Finnish style Karelia stew (Finnish meat sauce) and Laskiaispulla (Finnish sweet buns) and couple photos

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Exchange Week 6 – Weird American Foods and Everyday Life

Photography course. I’m in love. Our first assignment was portrait. The deadline for this is next Monday so last weekend

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