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Last Two Weeks of April / Instagram Pictures

Couple weeks ago I promised to do photo post about last two weeks of April. Those weeks and the first

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Photo Trough back: Picnics <3 First Picnic of 2015

On Saturday 18th of April I had my first picnic of this year with my Finnish and Korean friends here

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What’s Up Update

Yellow cabs, see you tomorrow! 🙂 Photo taken in NYC January 2015. I scheduled this post couple days ago just

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Photography Porfolio Evaluation and Thoughts

I just got my evaluation of my photography portfolio: Follows Assignment Criteria 20/20 Composition 20/20 Technical quality of prints 20/20

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First Finals Week as a Non-Medical Student is Here!

Above: That’s how my studying looks in Finland (studying for an anatomy exam winter 2013) In Finland I’ve been medical

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Summer is Here!

Cute ducklings made my day, too cute! 😉 It’s May and my finals week is about to begin. And it

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