Dreamer Achiever

The first night in Ada

After arriving I wait couple hours in the airport before university’s shuttle came and picked me and couple other students

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Goals for spring semester in Ohio Northern University

Keep dancing! Do sports 10-20 hours a week (don’t forgot stretching? Reach a split in both sides!) Take part of

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Day 7 in States

I have now had my wonderful seven days in New York City and it’s time to move on to Ohio.

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Last night in my Finnish home

Here are little packing panic, excitement and even little sadness in the air. I’m already missing my family, university and

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Accepted as an exchange student, how to get a visa to States?

I got acceptance letter and DS-2019 form couple days ago from Ohio. I was then wondering how did the J1

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It’s official – I’ll be back in States soon!

I think I have written about my exchange to Ohio already but actually it wasn’t official before yesterday. I’m accepted!

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