Oreo-Raspberry-Chocolate Cake

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This recipe is absolutely delicious one! This cake combines the freshness of raspberries, silkiness of whipped cream and sweet chocolicious taste of Oreos and dark chocolate. This cake is basically something everyone will love. Also, the Oreo-raspberry-chocolate cake is fast and extremely easy to bake. Enjoy!

I baked this cake to last New Year’s party but it fits for any occasion from Christmas to B-Day parties. We were celebrating New Year with my eight friends and they ate all this cake, thus I’m sure this will be baked again! To what occasion would you bake this one?


OreaRaspberryChocolateCake1370 kopio


Oreo-Raspberry-Chocolate Cake





  • 1.5 package (24 cookies, 264g) of Oreos
  • 100g butter



  • 5dl cream
  • 1.5dl Greek yoghurt
  • 200g raspberries (fresh or defrosted)
  • Vanilla aroma / vanilla extract (1-2tl)
  • 100g dark chocolate pieces (50-70% cocoa)
  • 0.5 package (12 cookies, 132 grams) Oreos
  • 10 Gelatin leaves
  • 1dl Raspberry juice



  • Oreos
  • Fresh raspberries


OreaRaspberryChocolateCake9799 kopio





  • Crumble the Oreos
  • Melt the butter in either pan or microwave
  • Mix melted butter with the crumbles
  • Press the mixture onto the base of oiled 26cm (12”) baking pan. Chill at least 2 hours in a fridge.



  • Crumble the Oreos
  • Whip to cream
  • Mix it with greek yoghurt, berries, vanilla, chocolate and Oreo crumbles
  • Put some water on a plate and soak gelatin leaves for around 5 minutes
  • Put raspberry juice in a pan and heat it. Squeeze the excess moisture from the gelatin leaves and add them to the water, stir until melted
  • Mix the gelatin + juice combo into yoghurt mix
  • Pour onto the Oreo base and chill until set (at least for couple of hours)



  • Carefully remove the baking pan, slide onto a plate and decorate
  • The easiest way is just to put some Oreos and raspberries on the cake but feel free to go wild if you have even cooler ideas than the ones I did! 🙂


OreaRaspberryChocolateCake9784 kopio


Would you like to try this one out? For what occasion this cake fits the best in your opinion?


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