I Just Published My First Ebook!

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Hello guys! This a very special day for me since I just got my first ebook ever published internationally. You can find my book on Amazon as a Kindle version all around the globe. Hooray!


Here you can see my baby on Amazon.com :




What’s My Book All About?


You guys might know that I’ve been working on a couple of book projects lately and I’m super glad that the first one is now out! The book is about search engine optimization and it’s written for people who are having a site and a blog and would like to get some more traffic without paying a fortune.


Understand SEO Basics and Get More Traffic to Your Website or Blog– Learn the Basics of SEO in Just Couple of Hours by Nora Tarvus


In this book I share a lot of knowledge about how search engines work and how you can do content, links, photos, etc. that are simultaneously useful for your readers and ranked well by the search engines like Google. Every site owner and blogger should understand the basics of SEO and with my brand new book it will only take a few hours to learn those must-know tricks to optimize your site.



How You Can Buy and Read It?


To read my first ebook, you just need free Kindle app or an Apple device with Apple Books and a little bit of money. 🙂


You can read my book from almost anywhere around the globe! Here are few Amazon links to it:


You can buy the book via any of these (and other Amazon) sites and read it almost anywhere in the world!


If you prefer shopping via Apple Books (former iBooks) here is the link:



Kindle App and Apple Books





Kindle app and Apple Books are free and work with multiple devices including tablets, phones and computers. Both are super easy to use and you can have all your ebooks there. What’s also great is that you can change to font size, background color and even font! This is how a pleasant reading experience is secured. Above you can see how my first ebook looks on Kindle (thanks for the screenshots for my husband who shopped my book ❤ ).



Are You Interested in Self-Publishing an Ebook?



Above: My book in Apple Books Store


Self-publishing nowadays is super easy and free! At first, you need to create a book (of course) and a cover for that. Secondly, you submit it to one of the publishing platforms like Amazon’s KDP or Apple Books and then you’ll wait for couple of days for it to be out there. Sounds simple, right?


That’s actually as simple as it sounds which was a big surprise for me too! I chose both because of super fast and easy publishing process. In addition, my book is now available everywhere around the globe which is amazing. I bet this is something the generations couple decades before could not have even dreamed of! But anyhow, it’s out there and I’m super proud of myself.


At the moment I’m working hard on two other books and I have plenty of ideas and I’m super excited to be able to help others to achieve their dreams via my books. So, if you’re dreaming of your stats booming, check out my book and achieve that dream!


Are you guys interested in learning more about self-publishing process or writing books? Would you like a video or post about it?


If you want to save this post and book for later, you can do that easily by pinning the book cover below to Pinterest:

My SEO Basics Book


Please check out my book and let me know what you think! 🙂


*This post was updated 20th October 2018

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