September Wrap Up 2018

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It’s crazy how fast the past month has gone by, it’s already time for the September Wrap Up 2018. The September is already behind and it’s less than three months to Christmas (yeah!). For me September was a super busy month with too many sick days. Below I’ll dig into the month a bit deeper in four different sections.


This time you can either enjoy this post as a video or read similar things below. Whichever you prefer! I hope you guys enjoy the video and I’d love to hear your thoughts about it! Should I do videos in future too? Am I speaking too slow, too fast or just perfect? Is the length of this video good? Is there something else you would like me to change?



September Wrap Up 2018



1. Studies & Work



Above: Studying in our home #1 balcony


September and August have been full of school things to do for me. I did retake two exams from last spring – 2/2 passed, yeah! There has also already been some exams related to subjects of this year and a lot of lectures and mandatory things. I have also lived one week near the Russian border of Finland because of my studies.


I’m also working on some business courses at the moment. These don’t have any deadlines before December but this year I wanted to start everything early to do even better than during the last year. The best one is a course about marketing management because in that I’ll do a marketing plan for my own business which is super exciting, inspiring and great!


Work has kept my busy lately and things are going well there. I’ve now worked 2.5 years for the same employer so I know all the routines and things very well and nowadays I just focus on perfecting things. It’s been slightly hard to combine studies and work at some weeks but after all things have worked out well.


My own business is running well. At the moment I’m working to create some content for companies in Finnish. This are going better than I expected for the first year which is great. I’m not making millions with this but at least I’ve covered all the expenses and been able to grow and find customers.


In case you need content in English or Finnish, translating between these languages, photos or blog cooperations do not hesitate to contact me. There is much more coming in future, so stay tuned!



2. Healthy Living



Above: Healthy dish of Finnish university cafeteria


September hasn’t been the best one in the area of healthy living. I’ve been more or less sick like 70% of the month so there hasn’t been much exercise happening. Also, I’ve been driving around a lot which has made exercising and eating regularly hard during some days.


I always try to choose healthy options what comes to food but I think I’ve been slightly lazy when sick as well. This is definitely something I’ll focus on during upcoming months because it’s a fact that I will feel better when living healthier.



3. Home Decoration



Above: Sneak peak to my apartment #2 decoration. Dog has taken part of decorations haha!


I have been improving the home decor of my second home with some new flowers and kitchen equipment. Otherwise I haven’t done much in this area because a) being super busy and b) when I’m sick this isn’t my first priority.


I’m aiming to take photos (and maybe video) of my home #2 decoration during October and share them with you. It’s not ready yet, but starting to be quite nice and cozy. Additionally, I wish I can get home #1 in a better decor within this year so that I could share that one with you guys as well.



4. Blog, Social and Photography





Lately I’ve done pretty well with blog and social but I have had a bit less time for photography. I have been pinning a lot of content in Pinterest and did some more pinnable content to my upcoming posts to make sure they look good in Pinterest. It has been great to have a lot of time for improving. In Pinterest I have also started a board for my posts, so if you prefer finding them there, follow that one! There is still a lot of room for improvement with the social media on me and this blog but I believe baby steps will take me there one day.


What comes to photography there isn’t much new, but if you haven’t yet seen my portfolios, you can check them here: Shutterstock, Alamy, Dreamstime, 123RF, iStock.



Above: What comes to photography I’ve been doing it more with my iPhone 8 Plus than with my camera lately haha. But that phone is actually having pretty good camera system. The portrait above is one prove of that. 🙂 All photos of this September Wrap Up posts are taken with my phone except the cover that’s a stock photo.




During September 2018 I posted to this blog 10 times. This included 3 travel, 4 lifestyle, 0 style and 1 wellness posts + 2 cake recipes. All these posts are linked below.



All the Posts of September 2018:


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14.9. 6 Hair Care Tips to Follow While Traveling (Guest post by Rohit)


16.9. How I Manage My Job + Med School + Economic Studies + Blog + Own Company + Husband + Dog?


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25.9. Travel Bucket List – 10 Places I Wish I’ll Visit During Next Three Years


27.9. Fall Cake Inspiration – Squirrel Cake


30.9. September Wrap Up (this post)


If you want to save this post for later, you can do that for example by pinning the photo below. 🙂





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Which post of September was your favorite? What do you think about the use of video? 


    1. Yeah, it’s been quite hectic. I’m still slightly sick but doing a bit better. I hope you’ve had a good one too! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Kintan! I’m happy you enjoyed the post and the video. 🙂 I hope you’ll have amazing October as well dear! xoxo


  1. The quality of the photos you can take with an iPhone these days is just insane. All of my blog photos are taken with my iPhone 7+ (which is two years old now!) and no one can ever believe it! I can’t quite get my head around how quickly this year is going…!? Charlie xo


    1. I know! The phones are actually doing better than some cheaper cameras which is crazy in a good way. 🙂 And I know, where did 75% of 2018 go already? Haha! xo


    1. Thanks Thuli! I’m happy you enjoyed the post and the video. 🙂 And yes, Finnish universities offer super healthy food options which is great!


  2. So so lovely post you have shared, love all the pretty captures & clips shared here. Thanks for sharing this, really enjoy reading this idea of doing a wrap up, am thinking & planning to do one too. Cheers,siennylovesdrawing


    1. Thanks! I’m happy you enjoyed the new format of this post. 🙂 I think I’ll carry on doing video + text combo in future months too!


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