Travel Bucket List – Places I Plan to Visit During Next Three Years

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Travel bucket list I share in this post includes our travel plans and realistic dreams for upcoming 2-3 years. Basically I’d love to travel every country of the earth but this time I tried to choose some that are on the top of my list for next view years. I’ll also share reasons why I’d like to go to these specific places. And of course some amazing photos that will for sure inspire you to travel there as well, enjoy!


Some locations on this list are new to me and some are good oldies I just want to explore more. Some countries and cities have so much to explore that one visit is never enough, right?




Travel Bucket List – Places I Plan to Visit During Next Three Years



Oslo, Norway & Stockholm, Sweden & Copenhagen, Denmark



Above: Copenhagen


I’ve lately fallen in love with other Scandinavian countries. Thus we’d like to go again to Oslo (Norway), Stockholm (Sweden) and Copenhagen (Denmark) during upcoming years. I’m planning to go take photos there and enjoy the summer. I also love the Swedish ”Fika” coffee culture so just hanging out drinking some coffee – or enjoying some super foods is definitely part of the plan. We’ll probably go explore these locations with a car or do separate weekend getaways by plane.



Bern and Switzerland in General & Northern Italy



Above: Swiss Alps


These make another roadtrip plan for us! We were supposed to drive from Swiss Alps to Italy during 2017 summer but we run out of time during our roadtrip. Thus we’ve been planning to take a boat to Germany and drive back to Switzerland and then go explore Italy as well.


In Switzerland I’d love to see the capital, Bern and also explore some smaller towns around. Switzerland is just super beautiful, calm and filled with delicious food so you just cannot get enough (I guess this one will always be one my bucket list, even after visiting there thousand times haha)!


In Italy, we’re planning to explore the lakes in the north in Italian Alps. Additionally, I’d love to drive a bit south as well to get better picture of Italy as a country.



Dubai, UAE



Above: Burj al Arab, Dubai


Dubai has been in my travel bucket list for like forever. I was actually supposed to go there as an exchange student but since the plans did not work out I’m still waiting my time to go explore UAE. I believe we’ll enjoy Dubai since it should be going bigger and better in anything they can – so a bit like the US, I guess. And English is very widely spoken which makes traveling there easier as well.



Croatia & Greece



Above: Santorini, Greece


Lately couple of my friends and colleagues have visited Croatia and omg – those photos are just stunning! I must see those beaches, waterfalls and the amazing nature of Croatia. I don’t know when and how we’ll exactly be going there but sooner the better, right?


If visiting Croatia, I’d love to combine Greece to that trip. I’ve never been there and I’ve heard that it’s an amazingly beautiful country with interesting architecture, beautiful beaches and amazing nature. So I guess that I must go explore it sooner or later.



New York City & Chicago and Midwest & The West Coast of the United States




If someone of you doesn’t yet know, you know now: I love the US and I used to live there. Since moving back to Finland my big dream has been to move back to the US. Time for this will hopefully be at some point soon after my graduation. I’d love explore that amazing country more before that to figure where exactly I want to live and work. So far, Dumbo in Brooklyn is my favorite and the Loop area in Chicago is my second option.


Anyhow, I haven’t yet explored the West Coast at all so I’d like to go there and explore Washington, Oregon and California. Good way to do that could be taking a car and driving the highway 1, the pacific highway. Also, one good friend of mine has moved to Los Angeles 1.5 years ago and it would be great to go say hi to him.


And of course, if going to the States it would be great to combine as many locations as possible. I love Chicago as well and since I have plenty of friends in the midwest it would be great to go spend some time there. Chicago and NYC are also my favorite places for outlet shopping which is a must do activity in the United States.







Iceland is also on our bucket list for upcoming years. We would love to explore the hot springs, geysers and the unique landscapes only Iceland can offer. Additionally, we figured out that flying back and forth from Helsinki is less than 300 euros. And from Reykjavik we can carry on to the US with 300€ back and forth which seems like a great deal!


Another option would be to find Helsinki USA flights with a long change, like 10 to 24 hours both ways in Iceland. In that case we’d have and excellent baggage allowance and additionally we would not probably need to book a hotel for that stopover.




* All the photos are stock photos



There will for sure be some other locations visited as well and the plans might change on the way. However, at the moment visiting all these within 2-3 years feels like a great and realistic idea. 🙂

More locations in Asia and Americas would also be on my travel bucket list otherwise but those are quite expensive and time consuming trips from Europe. Thus, I think I have to leave some of those to the time after my graduation.


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What’s on your travel bucket list? Why?


    1. Hi Moni! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂 I definitely am more a planner type of person who always tries to decide everything very early. Haha!


  1. Some great trips you may have to look forward to. I’d love to go to Croatia as it’s somewhere I’ve been meaning to visit for ages, and Iceland is on my bucket list as well x


  2. Wow, you have a great lists of beautiful places that you maybe visit soon, some of these are my favorite destination and hoping to visit those places very soon.


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