6 Hair Care Tips to Follow While Traveling

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In today’s post Rohit is my guest again. This time his sharing tips for hair care while traveling. He has previously written me other travel related articles about must sees in Turkey, relaxing on a business trip, packing the right way and must see hiking trails.


Spending a weekend at a beach may rejuvenate you after a long week’s work. However, you may not be aware of how spending a day at the shore can damage your hair. Salt water may detox your skin but it leaches out moisture from your hair resulting in parched and brittle hair strands. Further, the damp breeze is known to be a style wrecker, often making your locks puffy. If you have died your hair, salt water can harden your locks.


It’s not just about a beach day or traveling in tropical climate. Extreme cold or snow can also have severe repercussion. If you are on a sabbatical traveling the world, you would be exposed to frequently changing climates. Thankfully, here is a list of 6 handy hair care tips to help you battle harsh climate and stay wow.



6 Hair Care Tips to Follow While Traveling


1. The Bare Essentials




Don’t leave home without your shampoo, conditioner and hairbrush. Many hair care brands have come up with travel kits containing all the hair care essentials, thus, making things easier for you.


If you are traveling for work, you may need to dress up for the soiréeor the evening gala dinner.  You may need hair dryers and hair styling products like the straightening iron. You can find the complete guide to buying a hair straightener from Hair Straightener studio. If you are a longer tour, it is often convenient to visit a salon or check for hair stylists in the hotel you reside in.


2. Natural Hair Care Product




Applying silicone-based hair balm can work wonders to keep your hair in place on a windy day. The balm is known to shield your hair against humidity. However, take care not to use the product in excess.


While buying moisturizers, you can ensure that products don’t contain harmful chemicals. For example, you may consider buying moisturizer containing coconut and hibiscus extracts. You can be creative with your choice of products. For example, Mint Almond Oil has multiple uses. You can use it on your scalp for nourishment and also apply on hair to prevent hair loss. It also makes your hair shiny.


3. Easy Hairstyling Tricks




Learning a couple of easy to do hairstyles can save your time thinking over one during travel. You can choose a hairstyle based on your hair type (oily/dry) and hair length. There are several DIY hairstyle tips available on YouTube from fishtail braids to buns which you can learn to upend your looks during travel.


4. Hair Care During Swimming




If the hair becomes rough and tangled, it becomes difficult to comb or brush out. Exposure to chlorinated water can result in split hair, and breakage can begin. So, ensure to wash your hair with pre-shampoo conditioners or apply a pre-sun or swim product.


5. Hair Protection in Hot and Humid Climate




Hot and humid climate can dehydrate your hair. Dry winds can make them rough and tangled. Humidity is known to cause frizzing and flopping. To battle humidity frizz, you may consider investing in a permanent blow-dry ahead of your trip. Ensure deep conditioning your hair at the end of the day to nourish damaged hair tresses. If your hair is dyed, using pre-sun organic hair care products during the journey can protect your dyed hair from fading.


6. Essential Hair Accessories




A headband, a bobby pin or hair ties can often be your savior to tame your tresses. You can use a headscarf to protect your hair from the blazing sun. Further, a gorgeous silk scarf from Dolce and Gabbana or a boldly patterned Tory Burch headscarf can be a head-turner. There are several ways to wear the accessories and glam up your look.


Beautiful locks are one of the reasons you look chic. Bad hair can mar your vacation photographs. Although there are several post-travel DIY techniques to repair hair damage, you should follow the above hair care tips to save yourself from a bad hair day and stay chic.




What are your tips for haircare while traveling?


  1. Travel is very care point for hair fall, When I travel anywhere so because of natural air my hair are so hard I never idea about how that change my hairs in natural air and sun.


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