Seaside Casual OOTD

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Looking for some casual summer style ideas? Today’s Seaside Casual look is a beautiful combination of light tones from some premium brand clothes and some more affordable pieces. This one got its name from the inspiration I got from the sea and sailors – and obviously, this had to be photographed by those boats. 🙂



Seaside Casual OOTD




Shirt: Hampton Republic

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Gant

Bag: Helly Hansen

Watch: Apple Watch 38mm Gold + Brown Classic Buckle

Ring: My engagement ring (white gold + diamonds)




The Shirt

The shirt of this look is a beautiful and trendy combo of white and light blue from Hampton Republic. White and other light colored looks require some tan (in case you’re white like me) and thus they’re great to be worn during the summer. For casual occasions, this kind of loose shirts are additionally very comfy during hot days.


The Pants

Like white shirts, white pants are also perfect match for the hot summer days. They’ll reflect the hot sunlight away, look fresh and also make your tan look better. Just make sure you’re not sitting on the grass or anything dirty with white pants on haha. I’ve messed these like million times but I still love wearing white and light-colored clothes during the summer.




The Bag

As a bag I used blue and white striped bag with some brown leather details. The bag is from Helly Hansen. I decided to take this bag to make the look even more casual. Additionally, since we were shooting and walking by the sea I wanted to use a bag that’s kind beachy style.


The Shoes

The shoes of this look are brand new ones from Gant, I think these are the perfect Seaside Casual shoes since they are made for casual sailing. I found these beige shoes at the beginning of the summer and I love them. Beige can get dirty easily but I still love it because it’s easy to pair with light-colored looks like this and I also think that it looks a bit more expensive and classy than other colors. However, if you prefer navy blue, I think it could have worked well too.




The Accessories

And finally my good old accessories, my ring is my engagement ring like usually and the watch is my Apple watch which I wore this time with a brown classic buckle made of leather. I think that this band paired beautifully with the style of this look.




We Photographed this look in Haukilahti, Espoo, Finland


What colors do you prefer during summer? Do you go with all-whites, a mix of colors or all black – or some kind of a combo of these?

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