White & Blue Summer Casual Outfit

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Looking for cute and trendy summer casual style? This look is perfect for hot summer days! Loose shirt, sandals and shorts will make sure you won’t get too hot and the color combination of this look is very fresh, cool and trendy

White & Blue Summer Casual Outfit


Shirt: Hampton Republic

Shorts: Motivi

Sandals: Rieker

Bag: Michael Kors

Watch: Apple Watch 38mm Gold + Antique White Sport Band

Ring: My engagement ring (white gold + diamonds)

Necklace: Gift from my fiancee (white gold + diamonds)


When creating this look I started with my blue casual shirt from Hampton Republic. This shirt is one of my favorites during this season – however, I’ve usually been using it with long pants which isn’t very practical on hot summer days. When pairing this shirt with some lighter pieces I was able to create a look that’s simultaneously perfect for a hot day on also very trendy and casual.

The shorts I paired with my blue & white shirt are white mini shorts from Motivi. These are great for hot days. However, these are quite small what comes to length so I often like to pair them with some a bit more covering, like the shirt I had in this look, to make the outfit appropriate.


The sandals I wore are from Rieker. I love the white color of them and the fact that they are great to walk around. These look great with tanned skin and also the model of heels of these shoes makes them really easy to walk with. I love the fact that high heels make your legs look great but simultaneously I prefer shoes that are comfy. These are the answer to my calls.

The bag I had for this look is a cute small bag from Michael Kors. I found this one from an outlet in New York City couple years ago. I’d love to wear this one more often but I have a little issue with this one – my phone doesn’t fit in, haha. And nope, I’m not changing my iPhone 8 Plus to anything smaller.


The accessories I have been seen quite many times in this blog haha – once again I had my engagement ring, my diamond necklace and my Apple Watch. I think my wedding day is the only one when I won’t wear the watch haha.


This look was Photographed in Haukilahti, Espoo, Finland

Which color combinations you prefer during the summer?


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