Multiple Cities in Japan: Our Honeymoon Plans Part 4/4

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We’re having a month long honeymoon this year. In this series of 4 posts I’ll share where we’re heading. I hope this offers some ideas and inspiration for other travelers heading to Asia or Switzerland. In today’s post we’ll focus on exploring multiple cities in Japan.



Parts of this series: 


In this post we’ll focus on traveling to multiple cities in Japan and what to explore there. I hope you guys enjoy!



Our Honeymoon Plans to Switzerland and Asia Part 4/4: Japan 10 days in total



Japan in General, Multiple Cities in Japan: 10 days in total


*All the photos of this post are stock photos from Unsplash


  • Ride a bullet train = a Shinkansen
  • Try green tea ice cream (actually we already tried some in Bali but it want to explore if it’s the same in Japan)
  • Explore Japanese gardens
  • Go play games in a Game Center
  • Hop on a Pokemon Go bus (yep, we still have that game haha!)
  • Train pass Japan n. 220€ ($250) /person for 7 days, note: this must be bought in prior to entering Japan!
  • Eat local foods and fresh berries – I’ve heard from other bloggers that both should be delicious there
  • Visit a local store and a shopping mall and explore what they sell in those
  • If you have time go explore some spas and hot springs!
  • Explore Bamboo Forests



Osaka, Japan: 1 Days in Total



  • Pokemon Center Osaka – We want to by stuffed Pokemon from here – probably an Eevee for me and Snorlax for my husband haha! We both used to be Pokemon fans when younger 🙂
  • Umeda sky building Osaka 8€ ($10) – there should be stunning views from there
  • Walk to Naganoshima Park for picnic and flower photos – and explore the city on the way (our hotel is located in 1.5 miles (2 km) from here
  • Hep Five Ferris Wheel 5€ ($6) – there should be great views, especially around the sunset
  • Osaka Castle could also be cool if we have time (9-17), 5€ ($6)
  • On our way to Osaka castle we could maybe go see some skyline views from OMM Sky Garden
  • I assume there is a must more to see in Osaka and we’ll just get really fast sneak peak in 24 hours. If you know something that’s absolute must there, let me know. We’ll be staying in Kita area and prefer walking around to see more.



Nara, Japan: 0.5 Days in Total



  • Take a train to small town called Nara and explore the deer park (Bambi park) full of cute little deer who know how to bow (for threats haha)



Kyoto, Japan: 2 Days in Total



  • Fushimi Inari Shrine (orange pillars, very Insta worthy)
  • Arashiyama Bamboo Forest
  • Kiyomizu Temple
  • Saga Toriimoto



Hiroshima, Japan: 2.5 Days in Total (if the recent floods are not ruining everything)



  • Explore Mazda Factory & Museum
  • Go to Itsukushima Shrine ”Miyajima island” with free roaming bambis, red gate and much more
  • Explore the atom bomb museum



Tokyo, Japan: 3.5 Days in Total



  • Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observation Deck
  • A to Z cafe (gorgeous rooftop cafe that’s valuably priced)
  • Decks Tokyo Beach’s boardwalk (Best during night!)
  • Ebisu Garden Place
  • La Sora Seed Food Relation Restaurant (super luxurious restaurant with amazing views)
  • Visit a Cat Cafe if we see one somewhere nearby
  • Maybe visit and take photos in Happo-en garden which should be beautiful during every season
  • The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace – a beautiful and free to visit garden
  • Explore Ginza – a place worth seeing (what, why?) near our hotel


  • Buy 72h metro card 12€ ($15)




Other things I think would be cool to do (but We Probably Have to Skip Bacause the Lack of Time)



  • Rent a car and go explore around
  • Climb to Mount Fuji
  • Wear a kimono
  • Try drinking Japanese rise wine (Sake)
  • Watch fireworks (there is plenty of fireworks festivals)
  • Go explore a tea ceremony (sado)
  • Do the Buddhism zazen (zen meditation) in a temple
  • Visit: Shikoku Island (is having time, super beautiful places in southern Japan)
    • Katsurahama Beach, 30min from Kochi
    • Kochi Castle
    • Hitsuzan Park
  • South is gorgeous, go there!! In Beppu (??) there are the best hot springs
  • Takamatsu: Ritsurin Garden



Would you like to visit some of these locations in Japan? Or do you have any recommendations for a honeymoon there?


  1. Oh my! I love your honeymoon itinerary. Enjoy your vacation with your beloved. It is such a great time! 😀


  2. It’s so smart to plan it out so specifically! And I would LOVE to head to Japan. What a unique country. I am so envious of you!!


    1. I’m sure you can head there some time soon, Jennifer! Just work towards it and your dream will come true. 🙂 Meanwhile, you can follow our adventures and figure out what you want to do when coming here!


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