Bali, Indonesia: Our Honeymoon Plans Part 3/4

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We’re going to a month long honeymoon later this year. In this series of 4 posts I’ll share where we’re heading. I hope this offers some ideas and inspiration for other travelers heading to Asia or Switzerland. Today we’ll focus on Bali, Indonesia and what to do there!

Parts of this series:


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In this post we’ll focus on traveling to Bali, Indonesia and what to explore there. I hope you guys enjoy!

Our Honeymoon Plans to Switzerland and Asia Part 3/4: Bali, Indonesia 6 days in total


Our plans

I’ve never been to Indonesia and I cannot wait to explore Bali. Bali can offer travelers some amazing nature, beaches and interesting local foods. Additionally, it’s really affordable location for travelers from countries like the US and the Nordic countries.

I’m super shocked that we actually booked a four-star hotel for six days with less than 180€ ($200)! In Finland one night costs almost always over 100€ in not-too-good hotel. In Bali and Indonesia in general you can find cute bungalows, luxurious villas and beautiful hotels with very low amount of money.


Moreover, Bali can offer travelers plenty of free activities like beautiful beaches and snorkeling in clear waters. The waters of Bali can also offer you surfing and scoop a diving experiences. A friend of mine was swimming with turtles and exploring colorful sea creatures there – I cannot wait to explore something similar!

Even food is very affordable so as a western person you can probably eat out every day. Other ways to explore local foods are taking a cooking course or going to a food safari. I don’t yet know which option we’ll choose but anyhow cannot wait to explore the local cuisine!


We are also planning to go island hopping which means taking a boat and exploring some of islands nearby. For example, Gill Islands (Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan) are very close to Bali. And so is Lombok and many more!

I would like to explore Gili islands since that can be done during one day and they should all be very unique. Gili Meno is mostly in it’s natural state and there isn’t much tourists or attractions except the nature. Gili Air instead is a paradise for couples and people seeking for relaxing holiday without too many tourists around. If you look for more touristy party island, is Gili Trawangan made for you.

If you enjoy healthy living Bali and islands nearby are great locations for your vacations. Bali is known from healthy food options, retreats, yoga and wonderful options for exercise. Having the sunny weather and hidden beaches is also for sure great for your mental wellbeing.

If you’re seeking for new experiences there are multiple options from monkey forests to spas and waterparks. I’ve read some good reviews of a spa called La Joya and waterpark named Waterbom. I hope we’ll have time to explore both. Dinner by the beach and exploring some romantic spots of the island are also on our to-explore-in-Bali list.



Tip1: Going around might be slow and difficult. I’ve got recommendation to either rent a scooter, walk around if going somewhere nearby or hire a driver and a car for a day if going somewhere further. The public transport isn’t working very well and driving might be dangerous.

We’re planning to mostly walk around and relax in the hotel but also to take a driver for a day or two and then go explore the islands nearby with a boat. Usually we’re comfy with just renting a car and driving but after so many recommendation to not to do so we’ll probably skip that idea this time.


Tip2: Where to stay? If you don’t want to go to the most touristy spots skip Kuta beach. Also, if you’re more up to exploring the nature and temples the northern parts are the best ones for that. For beaching with less tourists go to the southern parts but skip the Kuta Beach area.

However, if you want to explore all – some beaches, some temples and some nature, remember that taking a driver or renting a scooter is very cheap so whichever location you choose, you can explore other places too. Additionally, you can have for example half of your holiday in the north and another half in the south.


Would you like to visit Bali? Or do you have any recommendations for honeymoon there?


  1. I recommend to skip Gilis because you have only 6 days there. You dont want to spend big part of your holiday in traffic jams etc…transportation is horrible in very carefully when driving/renting scooter especially in south…and be sure that u have international driving license. But anyway im sure that you will like/love that island! Enjoy!:)


  2. Bali is truly an amazing place! And I get so happy to see one of my images used with type of content ❤
    Its the one of the monkey baby.

    Thank you for a great post!


    1. Bali was great! I’m happy to hear that you liked the post and photos of it! 😄 There is more content about Bali coming in future.


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