Happy 4th of July & American Dreams

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Today is the Independence Day of the USA. I wish I’d be in there right now celebrating but I have to deal with the fact we’re in Finland at the moment (blah!). But hey, we’re getting married this months and soon there will also be the honeymoon – not to the US though but I’m still super excited to go explore the world!

United States is my favorite country and I really miss the culture, the positive attitude and all the opportunities that country has to offer. Hopefully, I’ll be there again soon. My goal is to travel to the US within an year from now but let’s see. 🙂

4th of July would be an excellent day to be there because of all the holiday spirit, cool costumes and great parties. I would love to be watching the fireworks and having barbecue right now. Oh, how I miss you USA.

The featured image on the top is from the time of my exchange studies in Ohio. I still have that NYC keychain on my home keys reminding me where I want to live one day. I hope one day that keychain will include keys to my Manhattan penthouse suite – or to a cool apartment in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

For a long while, I was keeping my goals in my mind also with the flag on my last second apartments wall (in the apartment number one we have a Manhattan skyline painting, my fiancee didn’t accept the flag haha). Everyday when I saw that flag, I remembered why I work so hard for my degrees and work everyday. The goal is clear for me: to call the US my home again. It might take couple more years but that day will come, sooner or later. ❤


Have you been into the US? Would you like to live in there? Why, why not?

Are you in the US right now? How are you celebrating today?


    1. Sounds wonderful! I’ve never been to PA (or I’ve changed flights there but that doesn’t count). It would be great to visit there some day! Hope you guys had lovely celebration. 🙂


    1. NYC is amazing! There is a huge amount of things to do and see. 🙂 I hope you have some wonderful time there! Let me know if you need any recommendations


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