10 Must Haves for American College Styled 4th of July Party

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Anyone having 4th of July parties next week? I love basically everything US related and today I’ll share my list on how to make a perfect American college styled 4th of July Party. I’ve only been to the US for their Independence Day but that was so much fun that I have decided to keep celebrating it even abroad if I have a change. This time my time is quite dedicated to work and wedding planning but at least I’m sharing my best tips so that you can have an amazing day celebrating America!




10 Must Haves for American College Styled 4th of July Party



10. Salty Snacks Like Popcorn, Chips or Nachos




You don’t want to be hungry in a party, right? Neither want your guests. The most important is to have something to eat. If you however want to do the party American way, there should be some popcorn and differently flavored chips.



9. Bonfire or Barbecue




Many Americans enjoy having barbecue or bonfire on their 4th of July celebrations. This can take place with family or friends. Buy some delicious food and enjoy the mouthwatering scents and warmth the bonfire or barbecue brings. If you do this one with friends, prefer earlier at night and make sure someone is watching the fire.



8. Smores




Smores are very American (and super delicious) snack including crackers, Hersey’s milk chocolate and marshmallows. You can prepare them with a stick and bonfire or use a microwave oven.



7. Red Cups


Red cups are good for drinking of course – they don’t break since they are made of plastic. Additionally, if you’re in the US nobody can see if you’re drinking milk or wine. In States it’s illegal to drink alcohol from a bottle or tin in public thus people there have found optional ways.


Red cups however, are also a lot of fun. You can build towers or play different games like beerbong with them.



6. Jello Shots (and Booze in General)




Often 4th of July parties include some kind of alcohol. One big hit in the Midwest at least was jell-o shots. Those are made with Jell-O (jelly) powder, water and alcohol. There is ton of recipes around the web but the general idea is to mix water and jelly powder until they mix and then cool the mixture a bit, add alcohol and pour into small cups and let them set in a refrigerator.



5. Fireworks and/or Sparklers




Fireworks and sparklers are fun way to get into the Indepence Day celebration mood. If fireworks are legal in your country I’d prefer them since they can offer a bigger and better show and wow, but if you don’t have any or you live in country where they are illegal sparklers are also a great way to get some sparkle and shine into the party.



4. American Music


Every party requires some music, right? I guess it’s quite obvious that when celebrating the birthday of the United States the music should be American to get people in the right mood. You can choose your and your friends’ favorites from country to pop and rock. As long as people in your party enjoy it, you’ve selected the right music. Depending on your budget the music can be from streaming service, DJ or live band.



3. Red, Blue & White Decorations




In America theme party the red, blue and white – colors of America, should be visible. You can have colorful tableware, small flags, theme colored clothes and makeup…



2. Anything with US Flags




Americans are very patriotic and love their flag. In 4th of July party it’s a no-brainer that there must be flags around. Actual flag outside the home, small flags inside the house, ponytail holders and clothes with flag theme and so on. There is huge amount of flag related decorations available, especially if living abroad order them online for the best selection.



1. Friends (and Friends of Them)




There is not party without people attending the party so invite all your besties to enjoy the celebration! Since Americans are so social, they sometimes brought friends or colleagues over – you might want to give this option to your guests as well. It’s always fun to meet new people and a party is great for that!



*All photos of this post are stock photos from Unsplash


Will you guys celebrate 4th of July this year? What will the celebration include? Is there something in my list you’d like to change or would you like to add or remove something?


  1. I’m actually going to be celebrating the 4th of July in the city where I attended college! I’m thinking most of the things on this list will make an appearance. 😉


    1. Sounds lovely! I wish I could come to the US to party again. In Finland the Independence Day celebration isn’t that much fun. I hope you guys have some amazing time! 🇺🇸😍


    1. Yeah! I’m glad you find it accurate. And yes, smore’s rock! Have a lovely Independence Day, Athena. 🙂


  2. These are a nice things that we must have in celebrating 4th of July and I am sure that day will be more fun and memorable.


  3. This takes me back to my college years! It was an epic experience, without a doubt and it’s one of the things that I’ll treasure for as long as I live. Loving these 4th of July must haves for those in college!


    1. I know! College in the US is just cool and epic experience with all the events and parties like 4th of July!


  4. 4th of July is always so special for me! Seeing your pictures and your great tips I wish I could celebrate it with my friends. Unfortunately we don’t do in Austria.


    1. You can always have a theme party with friends! 🙂 I’m in Finland at the moment and here is a picnic + party hosted by US friendship nonprofit. We would have also hosted our own party if there wouldn’t be so much wedding planning going atm. 4th of July is full of amazing memories also for me. 🙂


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