June Wrap Up 2018

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Oh wow, it’s almost July already and it’s time to wrap up the June. In this post I’ll share with you how my June has been in every area of life. This month has been filled with work, wedding planning and decorating my both homes. Overall, this has been a busy but fun month.

June Wrap Up 2018

Studies & Work


Above: Traveling for work and not studying – quite a nice month I’d say

Nothing study related has taken my time this month – I couldn’t love this fact more! I have already got the university schedules for the next year which is great. Getting them early helps me to plan my work schedules, travels and life in general.

Seems that there will be total of 4 days off school and work during next fall which is great – double the amount I had during last fall. Spring will be more tricky but I don’t want to stress about it too much yet.

What comes to work June has been great – I have traveled for work couple times which is hard and fun at the same time. I love networking internationally and training others is also close to my heart and I could travel more if I’d got a change to do so.

Otherwise everything is also going well with my day job and my own business. I’ve been full-time employee in my day job which really helps me to get more done. Also, I’ve been able to do some content creating and photography for my customers and photo stocks which is great. I’ve got plenty of ideas related to my own creative business and I cannot wait to see them in action.

Healthy Living


I’ve done great during June. We had a wellness challenge at work which motivated me to win some cool prices and simultaneously I also got into better shape and ate more healthy. The timing of the challenge was perfect because the wedding is just around the corner and it’s great to be a bit better version of myself then.

During June I’ve exercised monthly, ate a lot of veggies and lost some weight. I also did well in the challenge, yeah!

Personal Life

Wedding Planning

The wedding is just around the corner and things are getting done and set fast. We have the prewedding photos in couple of days and we’ll have some final meets with staff like the photographer and wedding planners.


I’m sooo happy that the planning will soon be over and I can just relax. I mean, the party will sure be amazing and the day unforgettable in a good way but the planning has been a whole lot of work. No more hundreds spent on flowers or card crafting, yeah!

Ps. Even thought we decided not to buy me a second ring, we did buy another, oops! 🙂

Home Decoration


The apartment #2 is actually almost done. I have things like bed, couch, tables, chair, carpets, most tableware, etc. set. However, there is still a lot of details to perfect. I will carry on after wedding and hopefully it will be all set by Christmas.

What comes to apartment #1 we haven’t done much lately. The second one has taken so much money and effort. I believe both will be finished by the end of the year though. There are just details and some organizing to be done in both.

There will be some in decoration posts coming later this year.

Blog, Social and Photography



I’ve created a huge amount of photos, texts and ideas in general for my posts. I’ve actually pretty much planned posts of this year. Those should however still be put together and scheduled to the blog. Of course, I’ll add some what’s up updates and collaborative posts, etc. However, it’s nice to have plenty of ideas and calendar already drafted.

I know I’ll be extremely busy during the winter, thus I target to schedule most content to September to February during the summer. During June I’ve done okay with commenting others and being active in social media. I could have done better but still.

What comes to photography I’ve added some photos to my portfolios:

I have a lot more photos in my camera and hard drive and many more will for sure be taken during the summer. 🙂

At moment, I’m focusing on taking the photos and I’ll do more editing later when the summer is gone. In Finland photography during the winter is just pain so it’s good to take the photos now and then edit then indoors when the cold wintertime is here.


This June I posted to this blog 12 times. This included 5 travel, 5 lifestyle, 2 style and 0 wellness posts. During the beginning of the year I had heavy focus on wellness and during this one and couple next ones the focus is more shifted towards travel and lifestyle since there is quite much wedding related content coming and I’ll also be traveling quite much soon. All the posts of June are linked below.

All the Posts of June 2018:

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Ps. Feel free to check the previous wrap up posts as well:






Above: Traditional midsummer fest celebrations in Finland, that huge bonfire is called Kokko. Enable HD from bottom right corner to make the video work properly.

Which post was your favorite? How has your summer started?


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