What To See and Explore in Oslo During the Summer?

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Oslo, the capital of Norway, is a wonderful city filled with beautiful places to see, luxurious stores to see and healthy foods to enjoy. I have visited Oslo three times and I’ve fallen in love with it. Below you can find my best tips on spending day or couple in Oslo. I hope you enjoy!


All the inspiring photos and videos of this post are mine and taken with my iPhone 8 Plus. I hope your in a mood for photos and videos since this post in mostly focused on offering some inspiration (and travel fever) through those!




What To See and Explore in Oslo During the Summer?


Window Shop




Above: Paleet mall in Karl Johans Gate


If you’re not from NYC, Tokyo or Switzerland (or another one of the world’s most expensive cities or countries), Oslo will be expensive, very expensive. So you probably don’t want to buy much but it’s always nice to explore the local stores.


In Oslo there is many trendy stores and cafeterias. I fall in love with things their decoration and book stores offer. I took photos and ordered them from UK to Finland with half price. I also loved how pretty every cloth store in Oslo was – there is real flowers, books and other cute things in them.



Explore the Downtown by Feet – or Go Wild and Take a Boat or Segway











Oslo is relatively small city so it’s very possible and easy to explore the downtown by feet within a day or couple. I was mostly walking around because of the super hot weather I was time to time parking myself somewhere for a little sunbathing haha.


If you want to try something different there is of course an option to grab a bike. Additionally, you can book a boat ride around or a Segway tour.



Go See the Marina and Enjoy the View






I fall totally in love with the Marina of Oslo. Especially the area with private boats, art museum and beautiful views is worth seeing – and if the weather is good, I recommend you to take some time for enjoying the sun or picnicking there.


Near the Marina there is a big grocery store, MegaCoop where you can get anything you need for a delicious picnic. There are also multiple restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy the views.



Try Local Foods in Restaurants or Have a Picnic and Enjoy the Weather







Everything we ate in Oslo was delicious, so go eat out! Norway is known of its fish and seafood like salmon. I recommend you trying those. Also, since the hygiene in Norway is very good everywhere you can safely take whatever food or drinks you prefer.

If it’s warm and sunny you should definitely enjoy that by eating and walking out. Oslo is full of wonderful parks into which you can take your snacks and have a picnic. Good parks for picnicking are Slottsparken and Studenterlunder park just to mention few. Having a picnic by the sea is also a good option!



Go Out for Walking, Running, Cycling or Swimming




The air is fresh in Oslo and there is a lot of opportunities to enjoy that. You can rent a bike, walk around, go running or even hike if going a bit further than the downtown.

Additionally, there is a lot of good swimming spots near and in the downtown. So if the weather is good, dip yourself into the refreshing sea water!





Oslo is absolutely beautiful city, especially during the summertime. People are friendly, food is safe and delicious and there is a lot to see. Additionally, the air is fresh so you can also enjoy outdoor activities.








Have you ever visited Oslo? What did you do there? If you haven’t yet, would you like to go?


  1. Well, there is really so much to do in Oslo, thanks for such a detailed post. The pictures look amazing and compelling enough to put Oslo in the bucket list


    1. I’m happy to hear that! I’ve fallen totally in love with Oslo this summer and it certainly is worth visiting and exploring!


  2. Ah Oslo is so beautiful! It’s on my Norway bucket list, alongside Bergen. My friend highly recommended Bergen for us 🙂


    1. Bergen looks super cute! It would be great to spend some more time in Norway and explore these wonderful cities and maybe some of the mountains as well. 🙂


    1. I know! It’s a lot easier when you don’t have to always commute or drive around. Oslo is also very safe and clean place so you can be sure that it’s a good idea to walk around there. ☺️


    1. Hi Nick! What a good question! Oslo is a rich country with a lot of modern architecture. However, there are some (but not too many) older buildings too.


    1. I hope so too, it’s a wonderful travel destination! Clean, beautiful, safe and full of things to explore. 🙂


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