White Summer Casual Look

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Anyone up for some summer style inspiration? This looks suits excellently for going to beach, shopping or eating in an outdoor restaurant during a hot and sunny day. The white clothes will keep you cool but to make sure the look isn’t too pale there is also some black, red and diamonds to give it a bit persona.



White Summer Casual Look




Shirt: Motivi

Shorts: Motivi

Sandals: Rieker

Bag: Michael Kors

Watch: Apple Watch 38mm Gold + Antique White Sport Band

Ring: My engagement ring (white gold + diamonds)

Necklace: Gift from my fiancee (white gold + diamonds)




The T-shirt of this look is good and lovely oldie from maybe year 2011 or so. The shirt is from Motivi, I love their clothes because they’re high quality, quite affordable and I also like the style of most of them. You can easily replace this skirt with anything white with some interesting prints including some colors and a hint of black.


The shortsI’m wearing are also oldies from Motivi. I love wearing white during the summer because a) it looks stunning with tanned skin and b) it keeps you cool during the hot summer days. I love wearing these mini shorts for not so official events like when going for a walk by a beach and stopping there for an iced coffee or so.


The bag of this look is a black bag from Michael Kors. I bought this from a friend who had barely never used it. I prefer lighter colors in general but it’s good to have some classy, easy to pair ones in black too.




As shoes I’m having my brand new sandals from Rieker that I bought at the beginning of this summer. These are very comfy since they’re made with leather and some rubber bands. Sandals are great for hot days since they let your feet breath.




What comes to accessories I had my Apple Watch with antique white sport band, I was also wearing my engagement ring and a necklace I got from my fiancee as well. I would love to have the Nike bands for my watch since they breath better but on the other hand, I like the style of sport bands and classic leather bands.




This look was Photographed in beautiful Haukilahti, Espoo, Finland


Are you going to wear something similar during this summer?


    1. Thank you Sofia! I’m happy to hear that you love your watch and Kors bag as well. They’re both trendy and easy to pair with almost anything. 🙂


  1. We are terrified of wearing white ! you carry it off with such style ❤ Black is our go to colour


    1. Thank you! I think I like pale and gothic in all black, thus I prefer white and colors. It would be great to learn look good in black too.


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