Zürich, Switzerland, Our Honeymoon Plans Part 1/4

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We’re going to a month long honeymoon later this year. In this series of 4 posts I’ll share where we’re heading. I hope this offers some ideas and inspiration for other travelers heading to Asia or Switzerland.


You can fly from Asia to Switzerland and vice versa with Swiss, have you guys tried?

Parts of this series:


In this post we’ll focus on traveling to Zürich, Switzerland, what our honeymoon plans to Switzerland are, and what to explore there. I hope you guys enjoy!

Our Honeymoon Plans to Switzerland and Asia Part 1/4: Zürich, Switzerland, 5 days in total

Switzerland is a wonderful country – very clean environment, amazing nature, relaxing spas, high-quality food and friendly people of which most speak great English.

We have visited Basel, Zürich and Geneva before and of these three wonderful cities Zürich is our very favorite city. It’s a bit German in what comes to cleanliness and efficiency in service. I also love the mountain views – wherever you go there’s always some mountains on the background.



*All the photos of this post are stock photos from Unsplash

I love food in Switzerland– it’s super easy to find healthy options, everything is safe and delicious, and the prices are pretty much similar compared to Finland and other Nordic countries. However, Switzerland is a bit more expensive than the countries surrounding it – like Italy and France. And btw, they produce some amazing cheese in addition to offering those healthy options haha.

Our plan is to relax in spas, parks and restaurantsin Zürich. We have fallen in love with their Thermal Bath and Spa which offers a rooftop pool with stunning views over the city of Zürich. Another thing we love in that place is their Irish Roman Bath Ritual. It’s a bit pricey (around 60€ / $70) per person but it’s totally worth it!


If you guys know other spas worth visiting in Zürich area, please let me know! We’ll definitely go to that old favorite of ours but we’re interested in tryin something new as well.

Because we love exploring the local food we’re planning to try couple of restaurants in Zürich. Additionally, we’d love to shop some groceries from one of their COOP storesand have a picnicin at least one of these: Chinese Garden Zürich, English Garden Zürich or City Gardens Zürich. Food tour would also be cool addition to our trip.

Last time we didn’t have much time to explore the old town of Zürich called Alstadt. Thus I’d love to go there again with some more time. Just walk around, take some photos and just enjoy the beauty of Zürich.


Additionally, having a cruise on Limmat river would be great! That’s a gorgeous river with turquoise water and wonderful views around it including some interesting architecture and beautiful nature – and of course you can always see the Alps as well.

Ps.If needed you can take 24/72h Zürich card for public transportation(24h around 25€, 72h around 50€)! Also, driving and parking in Switzerland is relatively easyin case traveling with a car. However, if you stay in the old town you can pretty much walk everywhere you want.

Pps. Would you like to explore more than just Zürich? Trains work very well in Switzerland, they’re also very safe to use. From Zürich it takes 50 minutes to the capital of Switzerland, Bern and the Lucerne it’s 40 minutes by train, just to mention a few places I’d love to explore. One way train tickets to cities nearby usually cost around 10-30€ ($15-35). If you enjoy mountains, take a train that takes you to the Alps!


Would you like to visit Zürich? Or do you have any recommendations for honeymoon there? Could you think of doing honeymoon plans to Switzerland yourself?


  1. Switzerland is on my list for the next year, and I like some of your ideas, will come back to your post when you visit and share your experience. This is definitely one place I wanna visit


    1. I’m happy to hear that! I hope this post and my future posts will help you when planning your visit. 🙂


    1. Haha, I know! Finland has insanely high income taxes but at least we have good holidays. We get 4 weeks during summer and 1 during winter. Some companies also let people to save those weeks for 1-2 years if they wish. 😄 Anyhow, I’d rather live in a country from which I would not need to take time off abroad. In the US for example you guys have so much to explore without exiting the country! 😍


  2. Your honeymoon plans sound so amazing, I can’t wait to see some pictures from your adventures! I have not been to Switzerland and I can’t wait to go!!


    1. Thank you, Karoliina! I’m very excited to go soon. And Switzerland is stunning! I’ll share some more photos soon 😍 If I could live anywhere in Europe Switzerland would be my top choice.


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