Wedding Planning Update: 1 Month to Wedding

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Our wedding is just around the corner – only around a month to the day left. Today I’ll share one last monthly update on our wedding planning. It’s sad to say that there still are things undone and that I’m (once again) extremely busy with other things. However, all the biggest things are planned so there are only details to perfect and finish.



Here are my previous posts about our process:



Wedding Planning Update: 1 Month to Wedding


What’s Already Done



Above: Invitation making process ready to begin


  • We have booked the reception
  • We have tested the menus and chosen foods, drinks and the cake
  • We have booked the church and chosen the priest
  • Bridesmaid and bestmen are chosen
  • I have had my bachelorette party (a post of it coming soon!)
  • We have booked all of our honeymoon flights and hotels, and train passes and wi-fi to Japan
  • Booked the photographer for the day and for the pre-wedding shots
  • Hairdressers and makeup artist booked for me and the bridesmaid
  • I found and ordered the dress and the veil, they have arrived already
  • He has chosen suits for him and his bestmans
  • We have sent or given the invitations
  • We have decided our flowers with the florist
  • We have found heels for me
  • DJ and sound equipment booked
  • We have finished and shared the gift list
  • Decided the nail style for the day



To Do for the Next Month



Above: More salad and other healthy stuff is definitely my food plan for the upcoming monhts


  • Plan activities for the honeymoon
  • Brief the music with DJ
  • Take time to have prewedding photoshoot / plan when we’ll have that
  • Decide his accessories (and maybe buy myself new earrings)
  • Do final plan of the day
  • Work with our pieces – vows, dance and photo / video show
  • See the priest and the church and plan that part of the day
  • He should have his bachelor party at some point before the wedding
  • Do a seating chart and send that to the reception for printing and organizing all the tables and chairs
  • Decide and do car decorations (and ask him to finally choose the car)
  • Loose some extra weight by doing aerobic training (my arms don’t fit into my dress lol – I’ve trained them too much during the winter so no more weight training and loosing a bit weight in general to fix this haha)



Above: Testing nails for the wedding. These were a perfect match for my dress and my style in general 🙂


Are you planning any parties for this summer?


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