Apartment #2 – I Bought an Apartment, Should You Do the Same?

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Have you guys ever lived with random roommate(s)? Usually that’s just fine but sooner or later you happen to get that messy weirdo to live with. I got that one for the first time this spring when I was having the second apartment / room near the university. I decided to fix the situation by terminating that rental contract and buying my own place.




Why I Bought an Apartment and Why You Should Consider Doing So Too?


I decided not to stand anymore messy roommates. Thus I terminated the contract of that one and lived with my friends or relatives – or in a hotel while visiting the university over night. It was fine for a couple months. However, I still have three more years to go so I had to figure out something for the rest of the time.


I thought that I’ll rent my own place alone but it’s crazy how expensive that can be! And after a little googling I figured out that it’s actually cheaper (wtf?) to buy an apartment with a loan than rent one (this of course depends on the city your living in and the interest of your loan also affect the costs – so do some googling first!). So, that’s what I decided to do. I’m paying about same amount of money every month that I’d pay with rented apartment. But now around half of that money will be my own in a form of my very own little apartment.



Above: Celebrating the new home of mine with a piece of raspberry white chocolate cheesecake


You should definitely consider this option if you’re staying in one city more than 2 years and you also have a job with decent income. Investing in an apartment is especially good idea if the city is growing and/or there is a university. The interests are really low at the moment so loan is quite cheap. Also, you can always rent or sell the apartment in case you have to move somewhere else.


Are you guys interested in a longer post about where to buy and what kind of apartment is good investment? I’ve read quite much about this topic and I’d love to share my tips with you guys!



What Criteria I Had for the Apartment?




I wanted to have small or medium sized apartment near to the downtown and university. Both because those factors make it easier to sell or rent it to another student or young professional in future.


Another criterion was to have apartment where there isn’t much expensive renovations coming in near future. At least elevator, windows, walls and water systems should be either renovated within last 0-20 years or the apartment should built after 2000.


Lastly, I wanted apartment to be cozy, having a light colored interior and be in a good condition. This is because I really don’t have much time to focus on painting or fixing things. However, if you enjoy renovating, painting, etc. you can save a lot of money by taking a place which isn’t as attractive but is in otherwise good condition.


In addition to focusing on the apartment you should also check that the condominium’s economical situation is good. Also, remember to do background check of the neighborhood to avoid unpleasant surprises like nasty neighbors or loud bar next door.



What Kind of Apartment I Bought?




I bought an around 50 square meter (550 square feet) apartment. It includes a big kitchen, living / bed room and bathroom + two small dressing rooms / closets. I was thinking of getting a bit smaller one but on the other hand it’s nice to have some space.


The apartment is located in almost the highest floor. This is nice because noise from streets around isn’t coming in too much. I love the fact that my little place is located between the uni and downtown, and is in walking distance from both.




Another great thing is that this apartment ticks all the boxes – it’s renovated within last couple years, is medium-sized, has a wonderful light interior and some big windows and additionally is from a good neighborhood.


Lastly, I love the fact that I have wooden brown parquets on light colored walls in kitchen and living/bedroom. In the bathroom the walls are also white and the floor is grey (and warmed, yeah!) In general, I think the materials used in this apartment are mostly very beautiful and high quality. I’m too busy (and lazy) to change much so it’s great that I don’t actually have to do so.


In next couple months I’ll be decorating my apartment. Hopefully I’m ready to share the progress with you guys before Christmas haha. If you have any recommendations on how to decorate this one feel free to share those in comments!





Where I’ll Live in Future?


This part is mostly written for my real life friends and relatives who are scared that I’ll actually move to the city of my university but no worries! I do find the capital area the best place to live in if you have to live in Finland. Thus I’ll carry on been 50-50 between these two places. Obviously we are also keeping our lovely apartment number one in the capital area. 🙂




Have you ever considered buying own apartment? Why? Why not?


    1. Thanks! And yep, especially with the low interests it’s crazy how you can actually save money by buying. 🙂


    1. I know! I was going to see couple more apartments too and this one was the first one and like you said, like made for me. 🙂 And kiitos!


  1. Congratulations Nora! It’s an amazing feeling owning your first house and been able to live as you want, not have to share your place with roommates! Enjoy your time in there!
    Helene // Beautiful Is My Attire


  2. I can’t wait to see what you do with the place!! I hope you’ll share the decor and/or the process of setting up a new apartment. I would really enjoy reading that. My husband and I are moving out of our apartment (tomorrow!) and moving into a house with a yard in a new town. We’ll still be renting but I’m so excited to have a blank slate to decorate. I can’t wait!! 🙂


    1. Oh wow! Congrats again, I’m super excited for you guys. 🙂 I wish that my next apartment would be from the US too! And I’ll share some decor photos for sure. That’ll probably happen later this year because my summer is pretty much busy so I guess I won’t have anything ready before like October or so haha.


  3. If it’s possible for you – you should 100% buy your own place. I didn’t realise how much more secure you feel once you own your home, how much more creative you’ll be in your decoration decisions… and how gutted you are when something goes wrong 😀 But yes, it’s totally worth any stress you have to go through.
    Katja xxx


    1. Yep that’s what I hope so! At least I’m saving some money and not having any roomies so I’m pretty excited 🙂


    1. Thanks Thuli! I hope you can get your own place soon. I’d love to read about it in your blog when that happens! 🙂


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