OOTD Walking by the Beach in Ibiza Look

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Ibiza is known to be a party island. This look is done with that party island theme in mind. This look is at the same time classy what comes to colors and also a bit adventurous with the “party pilots”, and lace and dot details. I was wearing this for a sunrise walk by the beach in Ibiza.



OOTD Walking by the Beach in Ibiza Look




Pants: Zara

Shirt: ??

Shoes: Nike

Watch: Apple Watch

Sunglasses: RayBan




In this look I’m combining some classic white and navy colors of my shirt and Zara pants. What comes to the shirt, I’ve bought it from a market place in a city called Madison, in Wisconsin state in the US. There is no brand mentioned in it.


I’ve added my Nikes to this look make it good and comfortable for walking around. I would have gone with pair of white Nikes if I’d had those but since I only had white heels and black Nikes with me I had to go with the black ones for this look.


In addition to those pieces mentioned above I was wearing my Apple Watch with midnight blue sport band, which is good for exercising! I also had my ”party pilots” as I call my RayBans that to me look like perfect summertime party sunglasses.


I think those party pilots where probably too much for the morning time during off season, but during the summertime this look would be perfect for an all-day-party-person visiting Ibiza. And nope, I’m not that all-day-party-person, I’m old nowadays haha. Honestly, we were mostly sleeping, hiking and enjoying spas there, oops!




Photos are shot in Passeig ses Pitiüses beach boulevard in Ibiza, Spain during early March 2018. This place was really beautiful with all the palm trees and ocean, especially when it was sunny the view was amazing!




What do you think about this look? Hot or not? What would you wear for walks by the beach in Ibiza?

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