OOTD: Simple & Affordable Look for a Luxurious Hotel

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Sometimes I’ve got comments because of wearing too many luxury brands in one look, you guys have been asking for something affordable but still luxurious and trendy. This look is my answer to that.


You can build this look with the regular price of one Gant sweater. You’ll still look flawless, classy and even a bit luxurious. I think wearing clean, matching pieces is more important than wearing those luxury brands. I still loooove having pieces from Gucci, Chanel and Gant but the point is, you can look amazing also without those.


I hope you enjoy the look! In comments I’d like to hear would you like to see more affordable style looks in future?




OOTD: Simple Look for a Luxurious Hotel




Pants: Zara

Shirt: Zalando Basics

Shoes: Nike

Watch: Apple Watch

Scarf: Pieces



This look is built with some affordable timeless pieces. All together this look had cost me around 100-200€ ($120-240) plus the Apple Watch. Anyhow, when you have clean, nice classy pieces that go well together it doesn’t always have to be a look full of expensive brands to look good and a bit more luxurious.


The pants for this look are navy colored classy pants from Zara. I have multiple pairs of these because I love the model of these so much haha!


The shirt is from Zalando. I fall in love with it’s off-shoulder design. I also like the classy stripe print it has. I guess I’m becoming old or something but nowadays I really enjoy dots, stripes and other classy prints.




The shoes are black Nikes. I love the comfiness of Nikes and simultaneously they are trendy and easy to pair with almost any casual look.


The scarf is an oldie from Pieces. I love how it adds some color and girly flower prints to this otherwise very simple look. In general I think scarves are great for adding some color to looks.


And lastly, I of course am wearing my Apple Watch. This time I was wearing it with fog colored sport band. Very comfy and matches the look perfectly! I think that white or peach would also work beautifully with this one. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, you can wear any matching watch or piece of jewelry you have. 🙂


I wore this look in Hotel Sheraton in Amsterdam. We were actually walking from the hotel via indoor walking tube to explore the shops and restaurants in the Schiphol airport.




Photos are taken in Hotel Sheraton in Amsterdam during spring 2018.


What kind of looks do you prefer when visiting luxurious hotels? Is it all about luxury brands, classy pieces or something else?

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