What’s Up Update – the First Week of May 2018

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Oh wow, it’s already summer! My May has started with a huge amount of events and some great energy. There has been everything from wine tasting and wedding planning to getting a writing assignment to my company. I’ve started very strongly in most areas of life which is great. 🙂


For me the starting week and weekend before have been filled with fun things like meeting friends, hosting parties and being a lot outdoors.




Above: Finnish National Theater (Kansallisteatteri)


Last weekend included theater (Romeo & Juliet) with my fiancee and our relatives. It was fun to go theater after a long break because of being far too busy. The theater wasn’t the best I’ve seen but it was still okay. I think it’s hard art to make a modern version of a very classy play.





Above: Food in my mother-in-law’s place, my new Solo3 headphones, and some celebration food and wine.


That weekend also included going to have coffee and some food to my fiancé’s brother’s place. All the siblings and their spouses were there and it was nice to hang out and chat a bit. During the weekend I also bought new headphones from my colleague who didn’t use those (how someone can not to use his Solo3s?) and we also celebrated a bit the end of the school year with some sparkling, cheese and fruit. Actually, I still have some patients and exams to take and do but there is now more lectures, yeah!




Above: my look for 90s theme party my brother hosted


On Monday I was working the morning and after that we had two 1st of May parties waiting for us. The first one was hosted by our friend. That one was very nice grill party for a lot of friends during the afternoon.


From there our night carried on to my brother’s place were he hosted a 90s theme party including things like 90s music, watching the hockey World Cup final of 95, some food and drinks and of course some fun company.




Above: Traditional 1st May food & drink at work on 30th April 🙂


1st of May (Vappu) is a national holiday in Finland so we were able to sleep a bit longer and go to movies in the middle of the day. We went to see movie The Post which was very interesting and had my favorite actress (Meryl Streep) in it.


Before the movie I went out for a long walk with my friend and my poodle. It’s super nice that atm it’s around +10-15°C (50-60F) here in Finland.




Above: Tasting wedding menu’s in the restaurant of our reception


Wednesday started with work but it was still very special day for us because of what was scheduled after work. We had (finally!) change to go choose the foods, wines and drinks served in our wedding.


We have now chosen all foods of the three course dinner (all super delicious!) and the wines they recommended with those. We’re still a bit unsure of 1/3 of the wines but let’s see if we can figure out even better match with the sommelier of our reception.


We also tasted the drinks we’ll have available after the dinner in bar and they were great as well. And my fiancee surprised me with liking something that’s not beer or wine haha. I think the wedding will be great, or at least nobody will leave hungry!





Above: Sparkling / Champagne & Cake Night we hosted


I had Thursday off work (or actually I worked couple hours from home with flexible schedule but anyway) I had change to do things during the daytime. I spent most of the day in hairdresser’s chair getting new hairstyle including different tones of cold brown and blonde.


In addition to working and getting my hair done I was also cleaning and baking like crazy because we hosted a sparkling / champagne & cake tasting night for our friends during the night. I made two cakes and bought some little snacks. My friends brought the rest – I love hosting parties this way because then I don’t have to use like a week in the kitchen.



Above: the new hair style I got on Thursday, more in the previous post

Ps. Sorry for my unedited no-makeup-face. I was a bit busy while editing photos for this post, oops!




After the tasting we had went to enjoy candle light and raindrops falling on our balcony glasses. I love having big balcony with those glasses – it’s on the other hand another room for parties and on the other hand it’s very romantic place if lighting some candles and just enjoying some leftover champagne there.




Above: Us in the Cheek concert and Cheek on stage


Friday was an actual day off without working from home. On Friday I had one Skype interview for one writing project. Now I’m writing to at least one big company website on Finnish via an international SEO agency as a freelancer. That’s the biggest assignment I’ve got for my own company so far. Yeah! The rest of the day I was writing, studying, playing with the poodle and exercising a bit


During the night we went to a Cheek (Finnish rapper) concert to which I got tickets as a Christmas present last year. It was a great show and I’m so glad we went there! I love the lyrics of Cheek and he’s also such an inspiration with all the success he has achieved all by himself.





Above: Look at my cute poodle and this little home office / balcony on a sunny day! I like!


This weekend has been working, studying and chilling. Last seven day were awesome and it was great to have time to see people. However, it is sometimes nice to just good to sleep, walk with the dog and not go anywhere. I’m very talky and extrovert person most time but I also love having some time for me and silence around. 🙂



Above: Part of my busy week has also been eating out and working with some writing stuff in a Chinese restaurant haha. Did someone say I’ve been busy? Lol!


For me this week was quite special and active so I wanted to share it with you guys. Next week I’ll be mostly just working, studying and sleeping haha. And enjoying the sun, it will be around 20°C (70°F) here in Finland, yeah!



Above: Lastly, more food! At some point this week we (once again) were too lazy to cook and chose to go Vapiano instead. Their salads and pastas are delicious!


What kind of week you had? Any cool plans for the rest of the May?


    1. I’m happy to hear that! 🙂 It’s okay to be busy time to time. And as long as you love the things that keep you busy it’s actually nice.


  1. Such a lovely week you had! It’s so nice gathering with family once in a while, going to theater or for dinner. We celebrated May 1st too, it’s a national holiday and we had a short road trip.


    1. Really? I thought 1st of May is only Finnish thing. Cool to hear it’s holiday somewhere else too. I hope you had some wonderful time on that roadtrip! 🙂


    1. Me too! Wedding planning is full of (hard) decisions and I’m happy that I can be sure that at least we’ll have some pretty delicious food at the wedding! 🙂


  2. It seems that you had a lot of fun weherever you go. 🙂 and you guys there love to party, i think I’ve noticed that. And that is so cool. Love your new hairstyle Nora, curls looks so good on you! 🙂
    I am having so many plans for this month but we will see. 🙂


    1. Haha, we love to gather up with friends and have some good time. We didn’t have enough time to do that much during winter season so we have taken that back a bit lately. 😁 I hope your plans will work out well and you’ll have an amazing May, Zana!


  3. Wonderful photos of yours! You had an amazing 1st week of May! 😀
    Am sure you are a foodie too as you have shared mostly on your dining experiences. Am one of the foodie too.
    Lovely May to enjoy ya 😀
    Cheers, siennylovesdrawing


    1. Haha, I love exploring new foods so I’m definitely a foodie 😄 I’m super excited to explore Asia next summer, or actually I’m excited to explore the local food culture haha. I’m happy you enjoyed the post! 😄


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