Hair Update – Gorgeous Light Brunette with Perfect Curls, Before & After!

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Have you ever dreamed of perfect light brunette hair with beautiful yet soft curls? That’s exactly what I got couple days ago! Get inspired by this look and share the photos with your hairdresser and get your own beautiful summer style!



Above: My hair before (sorry for my not so hot 90s teen look – I was going to a theme party haha)


I’ve been more or less light blonde for last three years. My natural hair though is very dark brown and maintaining that blonde can be a real pain to my wallet, time and look. The roots are nothing beautiful and staying in hairdressers chair for three hours every 3-4 weeks can sometimes be hard with extremely busy schedules.




Above: Part of the process – dying the roots first, then my hairdresser added some colors and tones. The second photo above is showing how my hair looked before curling.


This time we tried something completely new – a light brunette with vibrant tones of lighter and darker cold browns with a hint of blonde here and there. I was a bit suspicious at the beginning but after all I really love this look!


If you wish to have a curly looks prefer stripes or otherwise multicolored vibrant styles and rock those Hollywood curls! Having multiple colors there will give some extra depth to your look and make it more interesting and also more natural.





Above: My perfect curly style from the front



Above: My perfect curl from back


What kind of hair do you have at the moment? What colors do you prefer in general? Do you like my blondie or light brown better?


  1. Love the new look. i understand the problem I was so fed up (and my wallet) that now I am back to the natural…


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