Exploring Geneva – Spring in Geneva in Photos 

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Geneva is a beautiful city in Southern Switzerland near the French border. The city is a mixture of French charm, German efficiency and Swiss cleanliness and luxury. It’s quite an expensive place to travel but for sure worth visiting.


In Geneva (and in the Switzerland in general) they have four seasons – winter, spring, summer and fall. Our visit took place during spring. There was a bit snow during the day we arrived but the temperature was nice and mild 10-15°C (50-60°F) and the snow melted fast.


I think spring and fall are good for walking and exploring but if you want to go picnicking, swimming or just get tanned prefer summertime. Switzerland is also a good place to travel during wintertime because of the alps and excellent skiing possibilities they offer. Additionally, according to googling the cities are also very beautiful during the wintertime.




In Geneva we explored…



Geneva lake fountain, Jet de Eau (500 liters of water to 140 meters into the air every second) + seeing lake Geneva in general – there would be great picnic spots for sure during summer!




Vielle Ville (the old town) is wonderful to explore during the spring in Geneva – it’s not too hot but still warm enough for photography and walking around.




Jardin Anglais (English Garden) and the Mouttes in beautiful during the spring in Geneva



COOP stores for most delicious snacks haha! I’m in love with these ready to go Starbucks coffees. You can get them from any store in Geneva basically. They have also some delicious local options.




Rue du Marché, the main shopping street in Geneva




Bibliothèque municipale de la Cité, the biggest local library in Geneva, which is open tu-fri 10-19, sa 10-17. This is great place for working, studying or blogging. It’s also a nice place to have a little break of walking in somewhere warm if the spring in Geneva happens to be cold or rainy at the time of your visit.



Manor – shopping mall, excellent selection of makeup and snacks! Basically something for everyone.



Restaurant Elsalad kept us healthy and happy during our trip. This restaurant is super popular among locals because they offer delicious salads either to go or to eat there. Soups are also great here, so in case the day is cold take one of those!



Other cool things to explore during the Spring in Geneva…

  • Climb the Tower at St. Pierre Cathedral (South with windows, from North tower panoramic views outdoors)
  • Free walking tours around Geneva
  • Go see the home of United Nations + the sights around the building
  • Pâquis Batshs (Bains des Pâquis) (outdoor pool & relaxing spot)
  • Cheese fondue with affordable price
  • Patek Philippe Museum (clock museum) OPEN Tu-Sa
  • Maison Tavel (historic architecture museum) OPEN Tu-Su 11-18
  • Conservatory and Botanical Garden Geneva (Conservatoire et jardin botaniques Genève)
  • Parc Animalier Pierre Challandes (zoo)
  • COOP Restaurant Geneve Fusterie
  • Balexart shopping mall mo-sat 8.30-19
  • Geneva Motor Show
  • The junction – the spot where two rivers meet







Tip: If you visit Geneva, check out a little town called Nyon as well. It’s a lovely place with cheaper hotels, nice little cafes, beautiful views and it’s just around 15 minutes by train from Geneva.


Have you ever been to Geneva? If yes, what where your favorite to do and to go things there? If not, what would you like to explore in Geneva?


  1. Oh that fountain sounds so cool! I’ve never been to Geneva, although it’s on my bucket list. I’m glad to hear you had a lovely time there 🙂


    1. I hope you can visit one day! These photos are taken with my iPhone because DSLR and cold weather isn’t my favorite combination. However, Geneva sure is a photogenic city!


  2. It is so amazing that through such blog posts you feel like you have been to that place! Geneva is so beautiful and now on my wishlist ❤


    1. I’m happy to hear that! It’s amazing how you can get so realistic and good picture of new places by just reading blogs. 🙂


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